Going to a party where an ex will be? (With alcohol)

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  1. Stay away. You broke up for a reason - you need to move on. Hooking up is going to keep you emotionally attached, that's it.
  2. [quote name='"Jaurk"']G'day guys, I generally don't post on threads , but I'm finding it hard to think straight and logically when my heart's fucked up.

    Here's it straight and simple:

    -cute as fuck ex will be at party
    -lots of drinking will be at party
    -lots of other good-looking males
    -*alcohol* everywhere
    -I'm still emotionally attached to my ex
    -break up was fine, just went our separate ways, we still find each other attractive

    I'm looking for tips here, she's fucking gorgeous so I don't mind if I hook up (though that might undo all of my previous detachment work)

    Give me some guidelines here, should I stay away unless she comes over to me?

    Bleh, maybe I'm over-thinking things.[/quote]

    How are you guys on a friendship level? A week after my ex and I broke up we were at the bar with my sisters to see a local band, an we ended up sleeping together...she ended up asking to be FB, and she was the one that was hurt...do it's all gonna depend on your friendly level...plus, just because there's alcohol doesn't mean she's going to be all over the dudes...I'm sure that if she knows you will be there, out of respect she won't do anything like that, as I'm sure you wouldn't either...
  3. Don't go to the party its only going to end two ways, and both will be horrible.

    -Either you two will hook up and destroy all of the healing you've done thus far.
    -She hooks up or shows interest in another guy, you rage and it ruins your night.

  4. These things will happen if:

    1) You have an extremely low self restraint. or
    2) you give that much of a shit about her still.

    Either way you cant let your ex's ruin your lives man. I broke up with my ex of 2 years, she ended up transfering schools (from hers to mine, thinking we might still be together) and now she's literally friends with almost all of my friends that I had made years before. Idc now, I've been through 2 more girlfriends since then. The more you let it bother you the more it will. Gotta move on bud.
  5. Gotta move on, you broke up for a reason. Hooking up is just trying to hold on to the past.
  6. I just recently went to a party that my ex was at. She was with her new boyfriend. I showed up with a major hottie, who happens to be one my best female friends. When it came time to play my ex and her new bf in beer pong, I put my game face on and whipped that assss. Chick trolled and had to sit under the table for the next game.

    'twas quite hilarious. hahahah


    but for real though, go to the party.. have fun and whatever happens, happens bruh.
  7. Okay thanks guys, I really needed that input.
    I spoke to her again, we're not really the best of friends..

    I'll keep the alcohol intake on low, and just stay away and have fun with others.

    1) we hook up
    Then I become sad and hate myeslf, will undo everything
    2) she hooks up
    I become really sad, knocks me out of this state, I realize she's just another bitch
    3) I hook up

    Thanks guys, I have trouble thinking logically when I'm like this.
    It's tomorrow night, I wont be on again till 2 days, I'll report back how it went.

  8. Out of respect, I haven't made a big deal out of anything, kept calm, stayed friendly.
    But I'd be disrespecting myself if I didn't take the chance to get some pussy, I mean we're done, if the chance to hook up is there, fuck yes.

    Maybe I'm too immature right now.

  9. Man I want to, she's so fucking cute.
    But that'd fuck me over in the end.
  10. Spoken like a true virgin.

    Don't fuck her. Don't get pissed and get in a fight over someone else hitting on/hooking up with her. Most importantly: don't let her stop you from going and having fun!

    If she talks to you just try to keep it to small talk, irrelevant from dramatic topics. If she starts being dramatic, just walk away.

    You can't let someone else dictate what you do or how you act.
  11. Only 2 things to do.

    Drink until you dont give a fuck anymore
    Or drink until you couldnt get it up if you tried.

    I still cannot remember which one comes first.

  12. This will most likely end up happening, but there's the chance that before this happens I do something stupid, because alcohol's a shitty drug compared to weed.
  13. I cant give you any accurate advice, as, well i had a similar situation and it did not end well. In the slightest bit.

  14. What happened man?

  15. Well, this girl was like the love of my life. We had lost our virginity's to eachother, she was pregnant with my kid before some certain things happened, dated for 2 years, and yeah. But we were at a party, and i saw one of my friends hitting on her and shit, and hes a pretty damn ugly guy. I brushed it off, but then an hour later or so i found him trying to get his hands down her pants with her trying to get away and saying stop over and over again, and, well i took a broom stick and broke it over him, then, took a piece of stainless steel tubing and took another swing on him and knocked him the fuck out. And.. Yeah. Haha.
  16. Holy fuck 0.0
  17. Just fuck one of her hot friends.
  18. [quote name='"meatballz"']Just fuck one of her hot friends.[/quote]

    Hooked up with her bestfriend, hottest girl there.

  19. I think that makes you more suited to providing advice than any of us. You made a mistake, let him learn from it. You can tell him exactly what not to do.

    We'll be much stronger as humans when we can learn to learn from others' mistakes instead of having to repeat them endlessly. That's the beauty of being human: we can learn from each other.


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