Going to a party tonight..

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  1. And I got a few questions. First of all, ive been to a couple parties but I am nowhere an expert on them. I found this party on facebook in the events thing. My question is, I mean, I don't know the guy hosting it, and I know barely any people going. Now ive always thought these types of partys were open to anyone that wanted to go (he has his address on the event), but boy it would fucking suck to knock on the door and be embarrassed and turned down. Are they open to anyone? I know ive seen a few where you had to call the host for the address and it was only if you knew the host but I think this is a different circumstance. I'm 90% sure its open to anyone and I joined the facebook event, but imma bring some bottles so even if hes like whaaat nawww i dont even know you I could be like i brought some bottles contributing to the party.
  2. Is it a party as in a rave or a party as in a social drinking environment.

    Do you know anyone going? If you do roll with them.

    Just bring something to drink post up and chill I'm sure you will make it through.
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    Long as you contribute I doubt they'll care haha, especially if it's obvious that it's going to be packed, or at least have a decent amount of people.

    But, if it's only a small number of people who know each other, that could be a bit embarassing.

    Still, most people don't just blindly put their address out there unless they want strangers to see it, right?
  4. If its just a house party/ social drinking type thing, I'd say call first

    If its being held at like a bar/ club, I'd say your good to go
  5. Yeah i'm going with a few friends. its a social drinking/smoking enviorment kind of thing.. beer pong and such. Yeah mayne i have no worries once im in there, once i get a little alcohol ill talk to anyone about anything lol:)
  6. Yeah man you're fine, the worst they could do is say no, and that's highly unlikely.
  7. Heres the description to the event:

    Bring whatever you can so we can go ham!!! Straight up beer pong weed smoke whatever the fuck you feel me, we do this. [phone number] if you have any questions call a *****
  8. Just wiggle your chin at them.

  9. Dude, just invite a friend to go with you. If you can invite a girl to go, even better. Once they see your bottles, they'll treat you like you're jesus christ and it's the second coming.
  10. If that doesn't work try to dance with them
  11. have fun man

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