Going to a Logic Concert

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  1. I am a super big fan, I have been hyped for this every day since I got my ticket. It would mean the world to me to smoke a joint while I watch him perform. Its going down at The Lawn At White River State Park (Indiana). Has anyone here ever been to a concert there? Do they have thorough searches before you get in?

  2. It's a rap concert, lol
    I doubt they will do anything more than a peek in large purses and backpacks for weapons. Bottles will be not allowed usually because booze.
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  3. I see. Thats actually very reassuring! ^~^ Thanks for clearing that up bro.
  4. No worries bro. Enjoy the show, Logic is one of the best rappers of our generation. Too bad his next album is his last, so it is good that you get to see him on tour while you can!
  5. I am so happy you like him as well. I feel genuinely inspired by his music in more ways than just one, and I really mean that. I never thought I would legitimately get to really see him. It means so much to me that I am going to this concert.

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