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Going to a headshop and asking for "bongs" = kicked out???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dude Pass It, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I keep hearing this, you cant even mention the smoking devices as bongs, they have to be called waterpipes
  2. Federal law does not allow "bongs" or "spoons" to be sold as they denote drug use.

    Water pipes are tobacco only.
  3. I went into a smoke shop here once in San Diego, little beach town called Ocean Beach in a place "The Black" I was stoned off my ass and accidently refered to it as a service for me on that day!
  4. I have let it slip once before and the dudes didnt even say anything. I felt bad though.
  5. never heard of that, i never usually use the word i just point and say hey how much is that one
  6. Well technically, as I understand it (from someone who would know... ) a bong is technically a tobacco pipe, as well. BUT I personally always just point or describe the one I want to examine because being stoners, they will tend to assume that the word they use is ONLY a stoner word, and kick you out :p

    Just point, use brand names or other descriptors.
  7. ive mentioned bong before on accident before. the lady was like you mean water pipe right? i was like oh ya sure lol.
  8. i did this at smokey joes in bryan tx, i was fresh from germany and wasnt accustomed to the "chill" scene here in the states, got denied service that day too.

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