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going to a festival tommorow - how to get weed past sniffer dogs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ronnmexico, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. hey dudes, I'm going to a festival tommorow in London and I've read that there will be dogs, what's the best way to take it in? / any idea what happens if I get caught?
  2. What kind of festival is it that doesn't allow weed? Hopefully they're just looking for weapons and not weed.
  3. Pop your collar on em.
  4. Given the fucked up situation with terrorist activity, the dogs are probably trained to sniff out explosive materials. You're probably good just sticking it in your sock. If you get caught , most likely just get confiscated and let into the venue.
  5. cheers, it's a hip hop festival but pretty tight on drugs, what's the best place to put it to avoid them smelling it? / what should I wrap it in?
  6. I don't know. Try a google search.
  7. Tape it to the inside of your underwear.... Thats how we did it in school LOL
  8. Wrap it real good with plastic bag then stuff into container then tape it by your sack.

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