going to 12/12 questions

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by blackmore, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. hey, ill be 12/12ing in a week or so. :D

    i have a 400W mh and 800W in CFLs on 8 plants. 24/0 lighting
    should i change them ALL to yellow spectrum lights?
    ive read posts recommending using a mix (yellow and white) for better results.

    whats the best way to go?
  2. I have heard many times that the 400Mh is great for vegetation and 400HPS is for flowering.

    Its even on the write up that someone made about "USING CFL"
  3. get a 400 hps bulb in there for flower.. and i would change over pretty much all of those cfls..use a few of the daylight bulbs but mainly the warm ones
  4. so...if it is a good idea to mix, what should the daylight/warm wattage ratio be?
  5. another 12/12 question

    do i need to "prepare" the plant?

    just go straight from 24/0 to 12/12?
    when should i change ferts to high phosphate? before starting 12/12 or after?
    how much MINIMUM nitrogen and potassium should the fert have?



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