Going through the seedling stage directly outside?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by FourLeaf, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Im hoping to find a way to go from germinated seed to being in its vegetative stage without CFL lights that works just as well. Im going to be using 1" rockwool and i have everything covered on adjusting the Ph. My idea was to put the rockwool with germinated seeds in a propagator (making a couple of windows in it for ventilation) and putting it in an inch or two deep in a fitted hole outside hoping it will make it a little warmer when night comes. Would this work well, and if not can you tell me how to adjust it or give me a completely new idea? Also, due to them only being seedlings should i put them in a slightly shaded area or let them have direct sunlight?
  2. Make sure you fill your hole with a pretty god bit of soin dont grow it directly in dirt dig a hole big as a 5-6 gallon bucket or more
  3. I was told in a thread I made asking the exact same question, that it's okay to start straight outdoors with full sun. You have to check the plants everyday for water though because they dry out quickly.

    If you can't, then part shade.
  4. You should wait till it is time to sow..........

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