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    alright so im attempting my first ever micro grow, now i have bought what i believe is the essential ingredients so far but i could use some ideas on how to set up my grow for optimal outcome.
    the box is 50cm\\ 19-11/16in W x 78.6cm/31in L x 76.6cm/30-1/8in H
    I have 1 24 inch Plants and aquarium 20 watt and i plan to use 2/3 other cfls but i am stuck on what to use, and i have two other side spots for lights that i plan to use cfls i have currently 2 LED 2700k and 6 soft white 900 lumens 13 watts, now im not sure if these will work but i can add another lamp to increase heat
    i have two Gamma Archer computer fans for the exhasust and in take with a power source for it, now what would you guys recommend i set this up, i plan to use the 24 inch bulb across the top and a bulb on each side, i have the ability to add another two lights like i said but one would have to be an extra lamp.  I am also setting this up inside of my garage so i will be insulating the box.

  2. Stoned explanation? Lol. Organize your lighting information better for us... How many watts total are you trying to throw in there - and why are you trying to increase heat?
  3. I will admit I was very high and tired, im gonna attempt 6 plants in the box and I have now realized I need to change the bulbs I have currently. I needed to make sure the heat would be good because it was going into an uninsulated garage but I have changed the location the the laundry room. which will be better for venting, power, water and of course maintaining heat during the dark hours. So where I go from here is I want to do a cfl grow but im newbish in buying the right bulb for my grow, I have a 24 inch 1 bulb adjustable fixture and two other porcelain light fixtures that I intend to use on the side of the box, when im home I will add pictures to better understand what im going for, also im using two 120mm computer fans for intake and exhaust, now with what ive given do you guya think this will work or will I need to add a few more lights? Maybe try using something other than a cfl?
  4. Still need to know how many actual watts you're using to help you out with the light question.
    alright ive figured out the rest, it was work and school that has been putting me off.  I have set up 2 extension cords with plug-in sockets and Y splitters two add two sockets( pictures below) the 3/4 sockets on one cord are using 23 Watt 1500 L and the 4th bulb is a SunBlaster 55W 3850L bulb. the other cord is the exact same.  I have a 4" squirrel cage fan for exhaust but small fans im having a hard time coming by, probably because of the time of the year. The total amount of Lumens in the box is 16700 and im planning to try and grow 4 at a time.
    Here are some of the pics to help get an idea of what i have
    The Cage Fan
    The Box
    The Timers and Box
    The lights (without the 55w)
    The 55w
  6. heres an update on my box, still having trouble finding good fans for my box. I returned the Gamma Archer fans because they were not working well with the area I have.  The exhaust is going right outside with an exterior hood and flap to protect from anything getting in but im still kind of worried, but overall the box is near completion just have to hang the lights and add fans
    Cage fan and ducting on the side
    Intake holes (may need to be bigger have not decided yet)
    The box inside covered in mylar and aluminum tape
    so just about to start germination since there is little to do now. I have 5 Auto Hindu Kush seeds that I bought and 20 other Kush seeds I recently accumulated off one of my pick ups ( sad face, but turned out good since im growing now! )
  7. The box is lighted, I had fans delievered from staples, took no time at all, so germination is happening now, I have the soil out exposing itself to oxygen to let things get ready, I am using 6 23 watt and 2 55watt bulbs for 6 plants do you guys think thatll be enough or should I add more light
  8. Just under 250w. Seems reasonable, someone else might think differently

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