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Going through my own mom for weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Xeonex, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Well, my mom doesn't sell it but she said she can get me some from one of her friends, I don't know I think it's kind of weird. What about you?
  2. Not really. And why not. You should be appreciative your mom is not only allowing you to smoke it but also offering to get you some. :smoke:
  3. It's weird to me but depending on how old you are it might not be too strange. Not something my parents would ever do but then again everyone is different. The real question is how dank is it and what the price like?
  4. i dont see how it's weird, is she going to partake with you?
  5. my best friend bought his first and only zip from his mom. she got it for him to make some money at college sophomore year. not weird at all, pretty cool actually
  6. I could understand if you wanted to throw this thread on here to tell us how stoked you are about it.
    But to post it up just to ask us what we think about it? Of course, we think it's fucking awesome! Duhh, duuuuude! Hahahah just givin ya mess, OP. That's cool as all get out.:cool:
  7. She said she use to smoke it alot, but lost the interest for it.
  8. Lolz that's so awesome
  9. How old are you and how old is your mom? You need to smoke with her.
  10. it must be a little awkward going through your mom, but its better than her being against weed
  11. I'm 22 and she's 40 something.
  12. I think that's pretty cool, man. My friend's mom deals and we go through her all the time, it's way easier cuz you know your own mom isn't gunna rip you off. I mean she could, but I think you would know your own mother well enough to know if you can trust her. But yeah, there's a stigma with weed and parents, but there's really no reason for it. If your mom wants to hook you up and smoke you out or whatever else, then I say go for it. I can't wait to have kids and smoke them out some day haha
  13. What the hell are you waiting for? Go get high with your mom and have some serious bonding time. I wish my old folks rolled like that.
  14. Hells yeah! It's better than your mom wanting to go through you. I have to get stuff for my parents...even when I've quit! It sucks having that sweet smell in your car and knowing you can't touch it.
  15. Whoa, you have to get shit for your parents? Yeah, that's harsh, why exactly can't you partake with them?
    I've always felt like it would be the best experience getting high with your parents, but it looks like you don't want to do that. Why is that??
  16. Your mom told you that she can get you weed.

    Yeah it's weird, so go do it.
  17. I get from my parents too but then again they also pinch off me as well.
    They get from my Tio.
    And I get from my friends. Good stuff try and smoke with her.
  18. I wouldn't. What if it's an oz of shitty mecc and she's like, oh it's only $250. You can pay me back later.
  19. Dude me and my friend actually bought 2 grams from his mom because she knew a grower. She came back with a gram of white rhino and a gram of alaskan thunderfuck. It was by far the bombest weed ive ever smoked and ended up being an awesome hook up for me and my friend.

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