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going though withdrawls in fiji!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by WyldeMynx, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. Hey, this is my first time in grasscity...i've had a look around and it looks like a pretty awesome site.
    I'm from New Zealand, but am currently on holiday in Fiji. The last time i had a smoke was 3 weeks ago, my last night at home.....my mates took me out and shouted me to a fucking wicked night...lol. But I haven't been able to find any suppliers yet....which is a really annoying cause i get bored here quite easily....and i'm here for 3 months, but hopefully i'll find somebody soon! anyway...just wanted to introduce myself....so hey everybody!
  2. wow. fiji eh? thats sweet what that like? except for the fact its dry!...well good luck & welcome to the city!
  3. Welcome to the city....
  4. hey thanx for the welcomes. yea...well fiji's a pretty sweet place. and i'm sure it isn't dry, it's just that, i'm over here visiting my parents and i haven't had a chance to go out clubbing or barhopping yet(they don't really approve of me going by myself...since i'm a young european chick...and i don't really blame them it's not really safe) so i haven't been able to meet anyone. i did meet this one guy that works on one of the resorts a couple of weeks back, and he offered to shout me a sess....but only problem is, i haven't been able to get back there yet. but it looks like i might be going there next week...so i'm hoping he hasn't forgotten. also my dealer is coming on holiday here in about 3 weeks or so, and he's keen to try fijian stuff too. so i can go out with him, i'm sure we'll find somebody.

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