Going SOG, need few tips

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cannabuddy, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I have built a 2x4x3.5ft cab. I plan on using 7sqf for plants @ 4psf in 5.5in squares. Cab has 8" holes for cool tube reflector and another 6" hole for exhaust. Three black curved PVC pipes for intake. One osc. fan in middle of each side/back wall

    I need to know what would be the highest wattage I could go with 28 plants in my cab, and how close to hang from my tallest plants? I will flower clones after 5 days veg so I'm also worried about height issues, is my box going to be tall enough even if I pick a nice fat/short indica?

    8'' for flood tables/square pots
    14'' for plants
    10'' for air
    9'' for light reflector and hang

    = 3.4ft which should mean im in the clear.

    I tried to find 2 x 1ft flood tables since each quarter of my crop is going to be different ages so I need to feed them differently for each couple weeks of flower. I need to have atleast 2 x 2 flood tables so I can feed half an Earth Juice aerated/ph'd concoction without Earth Juice Grow in the equation, as apposed to the youngsters that need it. Could I somehow custom make a flood table?

    Also does anyone know a nice CFL setup for mother/clone cab?
  2. i just woke up high! and there is no reply :(

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