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Going sober

Discussion in 'General' started by SugarcroN, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. Woo, im totally going sober. This adderall will be the last drug I do for a long time. Im gonna try and not to smoke weed unless its like a uber special occasion and not drink or anything. Cause I just cant leave my best friend mary jane behind forever. But being sober is gonna be a bitch, going from smoking every weekend to like less then once a year. But ill tell you what, im as happy as fuck. I made the love of my life extremely happy and im like super duper happy (maybe cause of the adderall) but im gonna stay in this positive way for sure. Once again, i better stop writing and post this before it ends up being a long ass repetitive adderall post, so wish me luck guys! Thanks

  2. after tonight im going sober..
  3. first of all adderall isnt shit, its a pill for people with ADD to make you concentrate better, bascially no physical effects, or at least thas my opinion. And like zonedude said, whast with all this sober crap? People act like weed is controlling your life.
  4. sounds like a dope night zd ;)

    too bad budy denied you, but whatever, two chicks aint bad ;) whether you want em or not :D

    valium is cool stuff. but tequila... ughh. me and big T dont mix. i end up with cigarrette burns on my arms, everytime...

  5. this fucker doesnt know what the FUCK he is talking about, so i suggest he shuts the fuck up. adderal has amphetamine you dumb fuck, which obviously does get people high. yes it makes people with adhd calmer, but thats because they are already hyperactive, so the amphetamine speeds them up so much that they wear out. shut up if you dont know what youre talking about, fuck face.
  6. OK OK OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    being a mod, i have the power to fuck this thread's shit up....but im not like that guys...im the type of person that likes to have the information flowing from all directions...but when people start sayin mean shit to others it gets difficult trying to find ways of keeping these threads unlocked...SO BEHAVE BIATCHES! BEHAAAAVE!

    as for adderall..YES its a pill for people with attention deficit disorder, similar to methylphenidate (ritalin).....NO it is not a harmless pill that "doesnt do shit".....

    when taken orally and as prescribed the amount of dextro-amphetamine in the body isn't enough to produce speedy effects, it actually has an odd reverse effect which calms the user and allows him to concentrate (hence, a godsend for those with add/adhd)....

    BUT, when taken in larger doses or when taken via another route (insuflation) it WILL fuck your shit up...

    guys, look at the active ingredient in adderall..its pure amphetamine salts....its like putting pure adrenaline in your body via an outside source.... It makes you euphoric, energetic, talkative, twitchy etc. etc.....just think of it as crude speed (which it is).... and think of the effects as those being the same as small amounts of speed (because that is what they are)...

    and as for those who wish to go sober, I commend you for your realization that your lives revolve around a substance...

    I know for a fact that weed can be addictive..not just mentally... the two parts to a physical addiction are 1- the alteration of your physical chemistry (i.e. it really does CHANGE your body in order to recieve the drug)... this does not happen with weed and is more common with say alcohol and opiates (cigz too..mmmm cigz)....BUT the other half of the equation IS possible with weed use...and that is that the substance has the ability to increase your body's tolerance to it...( i know for a fact that i cant get high after one bowl...when i was first smoking, sure i'd be blazed..BUT my body haas GROWN A TOLERANCE to the drug and thus i have to smoke more than i used to...and THAT IS a physical addiction..albeit a pathetic one)....

    So why give someone else shit for realizing tthat they need a break?...whether its a week long, or a few years withhout smokin that sweet herb, its THEIR choice, and hell, theyre being more responsible about it than a lot of other users IMHO...

    my burrito is almost done in the microwave...i must leave you all now... ZIIIING!
  7. adderall is basically prescription cocaine for people who don't have add or adhd...

    but yeah... going sober... whats the point, unless it's needed for a job... why change the way you are or let others influance you... unless you need a break....

    my philosiphy... be / do what ever you want as long as its in reason and keeping you happy....hey but who knows.. im just a guy with ideas...

  8. god, the shit i read on here sometimes.....
  9. good luck~
  10. Well, I'm quitting cause my girlfriend dosent like it when I smoke weed, or do drugs at that. And I guess I'm just not as fond of weed as I used to be, sure the occasinal smoke is nice, but it gets to be such a downer (less of a high, more of a down) and i lack the funds to buy more/better weed so I'm gonna put it down for awile. Also its no fun so get contantly bitched at by your girlfriend and all that so I just told her I'm gonna go sober for awile and then have the good old occasonal smoke/drink since shes ok with that thank god. I feel this is stretching on too long so I'm gonna end it now heh.


  11. damn dude, only way i will ever have another girlfriend is if she likes getting fucked up as much as i do. i find its too hard to balance drugs and a girlfriend. it usually ends up being drugs, with a girlfriend on the side, and they usually dont like that!!

  12. nope they dont tend to like that one bit, but im cool with it.
    it'll save some doh and maybe there can acually be food in the house for over 2 days. even though im "temporarly letting go" im still a stoner at heart for realz

  13. oh haha..im just taking a break to lower my tolerance :p

  14. you know, i couldnt tell ya?? i just wake up with like 5 cigarrette burns on my arm, every time. i dont know what it is, but im pretty sure i end up doing em to myself sometime near the end of the night??

    hahahah, i just keep away from tequila now, its Fucks with my head!!!

    one time i had like 12, 6 on each arm. makes me look like some kinda fiend... for what??? i dunno. but the fiendness is there definately.

    all i know is when i was 15, me and 3 guys drank a shitload of tequila, and all tagged PD into our arms with a cigarrette. it was terrible. the p was backwards so it fit with the d, stoof for pissed drunk. it was prob about 2 inches by 2 inches... that was my first experience with tequila, maybe i just like to keep it up now??

    i dunno, i always black out... hahahahan anyways....
  15. after many a blackout, i decided enough is enough. not fun anymore. and the hangovers. they were killers sometimes. so no more boozing. well, ok, once-twice a year.

    and i need my beer. and my weed. i have taken several breaks from both, and after a week or two, i think i've been a good boy staying totally off the one or the other. and it always tastes sweeter with that first bottle or joint after a break.

    so in short, breaks are good for you, it gives you a reality check and a greater high when you finally figure that the break is definetively over :D

    but sober all the time. never. on my deathbed, i'll have a saline/morphine IV-drip. youbetcha!

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