Going snowboarding alone?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by DopeSare, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. So I've decided to say screw it and plan to drive an hour to my favorite ski hill to go snowboarding by myself tomorrow since I really don't have any other friends that board. I've been dying to go all winter and don't wanna wait anymore. Plus, if I go during the weekday it will be way cheaper and I'm pretty broke lol. But is it weird that i'm going alone? I wouldn't say i'm a loner or anti-social but i'm pretty used to doing things independently and I just want to get away for a day and have some fun, especially since I'm unemployed and bored. I guess i'm just looking to see if any of you guys go boarding or skiing by yourself so I don't feel as weird about it. thanks!
  2. Nothing wrong with that man at all.

    Sometimes it is nice to just be with yourself.

    I have gone to a few music campouts solo; meet a lot of people that way.
  3. I enjoy going for a nice shred alone. Just you, bud, music and the mountain. What more could you possibly ask for? its a great way to free your mind. Plus, there is always people you can meet out at the hill too.
  4. I enjoy it, I ski, but i find you focus a lot more by yourself. It helps me find my own style, even on the little things like butters and stuff. When i'm with friends I tend to watch and learn. By myself I apply what i've watched and create my own shit. So they can also watch and learn. One of the many beauty things of skiing and boarding.

  5. Ive also thought about going to music festivals solo. Man would be a awesome trip :)

    OP go by yourself. Make sure u dress nice just incase theres some single ladies wandering around there ;)
  6. I go alone all the time mainly because, like you, I don't have a lot of friends that board. I certainly don't feel awkward about it tho, but i'm used to doing things alone. the only thing is sometimes when its busy you have to double up on the chairlift with people you don't know this can make for some uncomfortable situations.
  7. Awesome thanks guys! I'm so excited to chill, listen to music, clear my head, and work on some tricks out at the slopes! Also, I'm a chick! :)
  8. what hills you going to in the midwest?
  9. Wierd ?? LOL! I think its great!!!
    Spontaneity , confidence & independence are awesome!!

    Unless knowing someone that's on the same page , nothing bothers more than the peripheral distractions of being slowed down or held back by having to search, plan & wait for others when feeling the urge to grab the board/skis or do anythings that you're good at & really love. Especially when you have to drive for an hour each way.

    Good call. Weekdays (especially evenings) are less expensive & also great for eliminating the crowds along with the annoying ticket & lift lines. Also why season passes, if & when possible, are so convenient.

    Grabbing my planks,Herb & heading out for a ski session tonight & I'm not contacting a soul about it. It's going to be great!!
    But until then.....If someone happens to ask what I'm doing tonight....they're more than welcome to tag. but they had better be prepared cause it's no fun waiting on or babysitting when it comes to hitting the Mt.

    Besides....There's always plenty of times to be social during other types of less active sessions:smoking:

    So how'd it go??
  10. Just got back! It went pretty awesome, I was there for a solid 5 hours. it was the perfect temperature out, not crowded at all, and I got to really focus on improving. It was nice to do whatever runs I wanted to without having to wait for people. Some of the ski lift employees were like "You're boarding all alone??" lol but I saw there were a lot of other people going alone so I didn't care. definitely needed today!!
  11. Last time I went alone someone stole my board which doesn't have to do anything with going alone... But it is nice to just focus on things and really do what you want.
  12. I love going skiing solo. Head up there midweek to beat the crowds. Get some jams going. Float around on the pow making moves to the beats.

    To me, that is freedom.

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