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  1. Hey gang, Since this is my first DWC grow I have a question for you. I have 3 girls just 2 weeks into 12/12 light cycle using the Lucas Formula, doing so using the add back method. On 5-5 Iflipped the lights to 12/12 and also upped the PPM to about 1100 on a .5 scaled meter. This seemed a little high after a couple of days so i reduced the count to 950 to stop the burning of the leaf tips. Now I have one plant that is going a pale green and some of the leaves are yellowing. This is starting from the tips and working back into the body of the leaf leaving the veins green at first but finally yellowing completely. The other 2 plants are stuill a dark lush green but a few of the leaves on each are doing the same thing. I don't want to screw up the balance by using Cal Mag without confirmation of the def. My PH is pretty steady running at 5.8-6.0, temps are about 77 to 83 with lights on and into the upper 60's at night.

    I know some N def is normal in flowering but isn't it a little early for that now especially since I am keeping the LF at abouot the 950 mark?
  2. Its incredibly hard to diagnose the deficiency without pictures. Even a cellphone picture would help.

  3. You are absolutely right and I should have waited till i could post some pix. I do appologize for jumping the gun on that. They are not the best shots due to a cheap camera and the HID lighting but hopefully they will do.

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  4. This is beyond me. It could be such a vast number of things that I don't feel comfortable giving a diagnosis. Sorry bro. Best of luck.
  5. You have ph issues that have caused lockout..
    I see signs of heat stress also...
    First get you rph straightened out then try and get your ambient temps back around 75...
    they will imporve in about a week...

    Hope that helps buddy..
  6. Thanks Yoda, I did have some big fluctuations in PH when I had run the PPM up to 1100. It had dropped on the worst looking plant to mid 4's. From previous posts of yours I realized that I was pushing too hard on the nutes Since lowering my nute concentration the PH has remained pretty steady between 5.8-6.0 it is checked and adjusted daily for about the last week. I had not seen any further worsening of the prob but no recovery either so that is why I posted here. I added another fan for circ and fresh air intake now.

    I put a few pics up in the Screenshots thread a few days ago and if you have the time would you look and give me your professional opinion of it overall.

  7. where is that thread...link me...the leafs will not regenerate... new growth should start bback up soon....IMO..
  8. LESSON LEARNED!!!!!!!

    When Ph problems first show check the calibration on the meter first thing. Such a noob mistake I can't believe it took me this long to get it right....

    Now Yoda if you see this, with almost 2 weeks on the down side till it was fixed what kinda loss do you think I can expect. They were about 2 wks into 12-12 when the prob reared its ugly head. Will they pick up and stretch as they should have only less or am I gonna be stuck with very small buds and less than half of what I was figureing.

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