Going Out To Eat Stoned With My Family

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  1. I thought that they were going out for a few hours to oft so they leave I rip my big like 3 bowls and then they Come home and surprise me. I hid all my stuff and got away with it buy now I'm baked as fuck around my whole family and headed to a Mexican restaurant. I was also caught smoking recently so my Dad had been extra suspicious. I'm praying I make it through this. One love guys
  2. Dude i always get baked before my parents take me with them to a restaurant. Lets hear how it went.
  3. As long as you dont get caught, it'll be all good dude. Food will taste better, plus it'll be more fun. Just make sure you dont look stoned out of your mind haha.
  4. Keep you're head down and your mouth full.
  5. Just talk none-stop. That'll distract people from your red-eyes and shit.
    Good topics include aliens, Jimi Hendrix's hair, cheetos and your food tastes AMAZING. Emphasize it's amazingness. No one will have a clue.
  6. Hopefully you family is better than mine!
  7. lolololol
  8. Order a margarita and anything they think is peculiar, blame it on the drink.
  9. Haha I remember when I gave a shit if people knew I was high, then again my mom was a stoner in college and she really didn't give a shit.

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  10. The first time I did this was on my sisters birthday. I was like 16 The waiter said at the end " wow I've never seen anyone drink that much coke in such a short time" he kept getting me hella refills. No one ever knew tho

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  11. Whenever I'm high around my mom I'm paranoid to EXTREME levels, feel like I wasted weed by not having a good time high
  12. I love going out to eat stoned. Haha have fun


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