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Going out into the city this morning, how to score some marijuana???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CheapBastard, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I posted last night about how I lost all my dealers.

    Well, in an hour or so I'm going up into the city, maybe catch a movie, get some food. While I'm up there I plan on finding some pot :hello:

    Any reccomendations on how to find pot at the movie theater? I was thinking of going up to an employee who's on break and be like

    "Hey partner, how is it going? do you know where I can score some grass?"

    Maybe if there are some black guys hanging around outside the theater i can ask them.

    should I say the same thing, or try to sound cooler if i"m dealing with like some africans?

    "yo man do you know where I can score some chronic marijuana?"

    any tips?
  2. No bad idea. Go the the park ave or where ever people hang out in that city. Ask around there
  3. someone told me the mall has the best mix of people, and to approach mostly the "gangster" looking african people.

    people told me I act too smart when trying to buy and it makes me look like a cop.

    I need tips on what to say when approcahing people like that. like what do I say

    "yo what's poppin where's that magic tree at?"

    "hello, are you brothers dealing that chronic, that green leaf?"

    help :confused:
  4. where do you live?? never had to do this but if i was on either coast i would ask the surfer looking white kids.. least all the ones i know smoke and are chill
  5. Go to a shoe store, buy a pair of shoes and ask the people helping you who look like they would know. That's never failed me, Foot Locker is where it's at.
  6. Scoring marijuana ? Its not crack.
    And just keep your ears open, but don't walk up to random people and just ask them.
    Maybe get into general convo with them.
    Don't be stupid, you never know what kind of person you're talking too.
  7. Ahahahaha. If you're white (which I assume you are) don't approach "gangster" black people, you get black friends through school or other friends not from the streets. I'm black and I don't even trust my own race (along with others, but I'm just sayin). The best thing to do is go to a skatepark or park (like tht guy said) and just be sterotypical (sp. and usage?). By this I mean, look for someone wearing rasta colors, maybe smoking a cigarette, wearing band t-shirts, shaggy hair, or just look like a stoner. When you approach them just be like "wha sup bro, you know anywhere I can pick up some danks?"
  8. You seem like too much of a racist duche to even smoke weed
  9. Please don't act different cause someone is black. You'll get laughed at. Lol. But go to the mall and look for people who look like stoners. Just cause someone is black doesn't mean they smoke.
  10. Buy weed online :rolleyes:
  11. Just cause the man dont like black people dont mean he cant smoke. Im right there with you man
  12. ok, so if I get a pretty certain feel that somone smokes, like if someone is at a skate park and they are wearing rasta stuff, what do I say?

    Should I not dress nicely if I am buying weed, like do I not wear my usual dress shirt and tie?

    i'm more concerned on what to say, like what are the correct terms? people told me to say 420.
  13. wtf is wrong with some people..^^^ troll or either you are far, far from a smoker type person..
  14. "dress shirt and tie on a saturday in the park?" is what i'm referring to..?
  15. Idk in my old city you literally could go down a street, look for some black people chillin on the sidewalk and most likely they were standing there all day selling weed. Me and my friends did this once and it worked without any problems and was quick but it was really shitty weed. We used it for a big ass joint though so it wasn't that big of a deal haha.

    edit: Dude if your wearing a shirt and tie every day you gotta be mad uptight haha I always wear chill clothes even if I'm not smoking.
  16. I chill with paul banks in NYC when im up there, if you dont know who that is google him, maybe that will explain myself better.

    idk what a "smoking type" is, i just want to smoke, i didnt know i had to look a certain way
  17. Ha this reminds me of Smiley when this chick asks random people if they wanna buy some weed.
  18. lmao, your not gonna find a dealer like that.
  19. Give the nod then say "yo you got that. If he or she dont know what your talking about then look for someone else. Its fairly easy to do this in the hood in daylight on a busy street. Look for people chillen outside stores like foot locker, liquor stores, those corner stores, and etc. Warning some *****s may just take your money and run and/or.might give you a shortened bag.
  20. Go to a public place in the hood and look for people standing outside wearing red or blue hats. Or find groups of minorities or young people that look like they would smoke. Just be careful.

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