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  1. so i recently moved out on my own far far away from anyone i know...my dilemma is i got no one to hang out with or go out with for that matter. what are some activities you guys suggest i do, out in public, so i won't get bored and maybe even meet people?
  2. hit up the bars.

  3. never been to one, dont know what to expect...
  4. I found a good place to start is by lurking in the dark bushes outside their homes. Spend some time learning their routines.

    Make a move once you have a basic blueprint of their day to day life and social relationships. Introduce yourself when they're in a public place. Introduce yourself as a suave independent film star.
  5. You got a job? Trying going out with some people from work. You can then in turn meet their friends and so on and so fourth.
  6. hit up the local headshops, or any other weed related stores and find some fellow stoners.
    ask them if they want to blaze and boom, friends. assuming you connect haha.

    just go places relevent to your interests, find others around who are obviously into the same thing, and start conversation.
    it's going to be nerve wrecking. not a lot you can do to change that, but we're all people and everyone wants a friend.

  7. ...and get a van with no back windows and a "free candy" sign painted on it.:smoking:
  8. if ur not into bars, check out some cafes. may sound dumb but take a class at a community college. gotta just put yourself out there a little, ur not gonna vibe with everyone u meet but you'll meet some cool peeps.
  9. honestly get a job at a restraunt. no lie, 95% of all restraunt employees smoke weed, prolly everyone in the kitchens smokes and comes to work high except the owner, well my manager used to sell too lol.

    and the wait staff, id say they all smoke, even the gray haired 50 year old whale at my work makes a batch of chronic brownies each week.

    Idk, or hit up the headshops and just talk to people, let em know where your comin from, and ask if you can get some pot from em lol

  10. :rolleyes:

    nah no job, parents pay for everything

    i actually do go to an adult school and i was getting along fine with everyone until some dude with more money transfered in and everyone ditched me. dont really need that type of people around anyway
  11. there's going to be other people like you just sitting and drinking

    run up and talk.
  12. Then maybe you should get a job. Unless you're secretly under 18, then it'd be completely normal for your parents to pay for everything and I wouldn't be so disgusted at the spoiled-ness of some people right now
  13. I second the bar. Once your drunk it don't matter who you're talking to cuz you'll probably be talking to someone. Never know who you'll meet.
  14. i just moved into my college today nd i dont know anyone here yet.

    so ima bout to twist a rillo nd walk campus seeing wats crackn:wave:

    so burn up and walk around downtown, campus, park w/ your dog. idk something:D
  15. no i'm 18... i see how a job is a good idea and it's not like i haven't tried, it's just no one hires me. i don't even get interviewed... there's really no reason to be "disgusted".

  16. i wish i had a dog, but the landlord won't allow it. and i don't live on campus, that would make this situation a lot easier.
  17. oh yea the bar thing is probably not that good of an idea if you're under 21.

    but on the other hand, you're in college so i recommend joining some clubs or sports teams, go to some of the frats interest meetings and rush if you want. living in dorms sort of introduces you to like everybody near you. if you go to medium-large school theres probably some parties you can go to. thats how i met most of my friends when i was a freshman lol.

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