going on the most intense 80 day trip EVER

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  1. Semester in the Pacific Northwest

    this is the trip i am going to be going on in august. i just signed up for it today, so im a little excited and need to tell someone, even though i dont know any of you. so i just want all of you to know that, no matter what your doing in august, it wont be nearly as awesome as what i will be doing :D
  2. Damn that looks awesome, I hope one day i get to do something like that within the next couple years, That will be so much fun I hope you enjoy it. I know its a while away but are you planning on bringing bud?
  3. I'm sweating jealousy.

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  4. I was thinking of bringing some but i figured its not worth getting kicked out of the class for it. This isnt going to be my only trip, so its not going to be my only opportunity.
  5. sounds awesome as hell, but daaaaaaamn

    Tuition: $11,600
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  6. I think I just fell in love. I want to do this so bad.

    Hatin so hard right now.

  7. expensive yes, but if your going for a job in the outdoors, this is damn near priceless.

  8. ive been looking at outdoor field study trips to go on in the future. This seems awesome! are you going through a college?
  9. That looks awesome man!
    Hope you enjoy my neck of the woods :D

    If your not bringing bud, you shouldnt have that much trouble finding someone who can hook you up relatively well, just to let you know.
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    bud isnt worth getting potentially getting kicked out of the class to me. ill be back up there again at some time in the future, so i can just smoke than. im also joining the army reserves after im done with the trip so i gotta be clean for that.

    monkeyboy: im not sure what you mean. im not in college, nor will i be at the time. if you mean once im done with the trip, no, im still not going to college. going to join the reserves and go through basic first. ill probably do some schooling after that, seeing as the army will get to pay for it.
  11. Hey man I am a NOLS graduate. U are gonna love washington!
  12. btw u will have some free time between courses. we had some bud shipped to us and then smoked on the off nights when we had free time. dont take any on the course with you, not worth it and its nice to learn to enjoy nature while sober as well. although, personally i always take herb when explring. i usally like to smoke at lunch and dinner, and then at sunset :)
  13. It is WORTH it. i was able to get a 5000 dollar scholorship from the school and i had a 2.5k Americorp education stipend, which i was able to use via wyoming community college. Got all my college credit for my course, plus room board knowledge and an amazing experience for 2.5k

    Also got a WFR cert and a LNT master trainer cert.

    If you can swing it is one of the best college semesters on earth.
  14. this and

    that (your pic reminded me of this one lol)

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  15. you sir are one lucky fucker i hate you ..i wish i had 11k just throw like that....
    it looks awesome,....i guess thats what life is about doing shit like that in my opinion
    not fucking running to walmart cuaze they got a sale ...
  16. That looks awesome, but in August I will be cutting up human bodies. I think cutting up humans is slightly more awesome.
  17. looks awesome, a good friend of mine did NOLS in wyoming said it was something to experience. He joined the marines afterwards.
  18. so how was it

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