Going on a cruise, how to get weed from Mexico?

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  1. Hey guys so first and foremost I'm not bringing any bud inside the ship. I'm going on a cruise with my family this Monday for a week and I had always read about getting weed in Mexico and Jamaica but until now that I'm actually going on one again (used to go all the time, haven't been on one since I was 17, 22 now), it'd be a pretty cool thing to knock off my bucketlist as well. One of the stops is Mexico so I figured I'd separate after a bit and do my own thing, how do I go about finding and smoking this bud? Is it dangerous to wander by myself (I'll stick to where people are around of course) I just meant in the scenario of getting bud.

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  2. Look for typical stoner looking people. A lot of laced weed in Mexico though, (learnt from experience) when I asked a dealer in Mexico it was like the typical McDonalds "Would you like fries with that" except instead of fries they'd say cocai...damn forgot I cant say It on this website lol...i didn't actually say it, it was an mix of letter that look like another word. Anyway in Jamaica if it's like the rumours and how it's portrayed you'll have weed flying at you left right and centre. GL - Ben
  3. I always figured it was generally assumed that Mexico was dangerous. :cool:
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    I live in San Diego, also have lots of Mexican friends. Consensus is, don't try to buy it. For one thing, at best all you'll get is crappy weed, worse like what was said you may find yourself buying weed laced with coke. Also unless you can pass for a native you run the risk of getting kidnapped. Hell even if you are Mexican, if they feel like you have money, they'll probably try to rob you. And guess where the beats for corrupt cops tend to be? You guessed it the places where the gangs operate.

    For one thing weed isn't their drug of choice to traffic anymore because of medicinal and recreational marijuana reducing demand. So to adapt they pretty much try to pump out whatever brick weed they can at the lowest cost. So you're not gonna get your choice of strain and quality.

    Second Mexican cartels are fighting the recent corruption crackdown fiercely. This is what's leading to basically open warfare between and among the various gangs and police and the corrupt police are trying not to lose their jobs in the process so they end up helping the warring gangs from the inside. This isn't some news report either, they basically leave murdered bodies out in the open for intimidation.

    The US population generally doesn't pay attention to anything going on in the rest of the world. Take a look at the average evening news, almost nothing but fluff pieces and the local crime activity.

    Look at almost every other modern nation's nightly news and almost half the program usually consists of non local news and world news too. Sad the state of uninterest in the world around you the average American is raised into. But you know 'murica number 1!

    But beside the point, one of my best friends regularly vacations with family in one of the more central Mexican states. If you're wondering Mexico is technically the other United States, officially it's Estados Unidos Mexicanos. But she basically drives from LA to her town straight with absolutely no stops in any communities within 100 miles or so of the border or any large towns along main highways. And that was on the advice of family living there and when traffic caused her to be late she bought gas on a main road and the shop owner was genuinely concerned that she not check into any local motels because of gang activity. And ironically offered her cocaine so she could drive basically straight to family without sleeping.

    It's not spring break Acapulco all around Mexico anymore. Those days are long since passed. And considering the OP is a family man, it just sounds far too risky. Buy all the Mexican brick weed you want, but buy it somewhere where you can guarantee your own safety.
  5. Put it in your underwear/waistband. Make sure it's sealed and you'll be fine.

    Or you can buy some 2 percent thc weed. And probably get robbed or kidnapped in the process.
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    Pretty easy to score whatever on the Gulf side of Mexico, I don't know how it works on the Pacific side but places like Cancun are so Americanized that it is pretty easy to find someone that will sell you some grass and the quality can be hit or miss but if there is a choice of course get the more expensive kind. I have had luck scoring through all kind of different sources when traveling there. Just don't be stupid, same rules apply as here, don't give your money up before you see the grass, don't go anywhere secluded with someone to score, if they are worth fkn with you won't need to go far because they will have access close by.
  7. You're safer going to any hood in the United States and asking random thugs about weed than Mexico.
  8. Yeah, if you're white I would be careful, kidnapping is a real pandemic down there. Hell any colour be careful, but the way I hear is it that if you're white they assume you're rich - and you taking a cruise isn't going to change that image.
    In the end, just stay safe.
  9. Smart man here. Listen to this advice
  10. Oo I've done this shit before
    If u have a driver for your family , just catch up with him when it's just you to and slip him a 100$ , and just ask him if he can find smoke and act like your smoking a joint.
    Aka "the universal marijuana symbol"

    His name was franklin and thanks to him I was stoned the whole time I was in Honduras lol
  11. Yeah, don't buy weed in Mexico.

    In short, it just isn't worth it.
    Does this pandemic extend to tourist heavy areas? It's not like OP is going for the whole Lonely Planet shebang. Most cruises wouldn't stay in port for that long anyway. I can't see the cartels allowing some deadbeat cronies to whip tourists off the street when they facilitate a sizable portion of economic activity.
  13. After reading all the replies I have decided against it. If it was worth it maybe but it's dangerous and the bud is most likely shit so I'll pass for now haha.

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    You really think that they are going to keep a visible line of sight with every passenger? Especially if buddy is looking for weed he wouldn't want to stay in that line of sight hah. Honestly I may be completely wrong, this is just how I understand it to be from reading and what-not.
    Anyways, OP, I would suggest if you really want to just bring a gram or two and just buy a smell proof baggie - they should sell them at your LHS, the one's sold here are called smelly-proof and they work like nothing else. (Aside from vacuum sealing haha)Or, you could just bring a small jar, for example a baby food jar. Good luck!
  15. Holy crap is everyone paranoid.. I've been up and down the eastern coast of Mexico by boat and hung out, partied, smoked and drank at every stop..
  16. Naw, it's just most of us don't have experience, all we know is what we read :p
    says the guy who has the name of mexico's most dangerous cartel in his username.
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    I can't comment on the risks, other than to say that a lot of tourist information out there is nothing more than fear mongering. That said, Mexico has a global reputation.

    What I can comment on is that in every high-tourist area I've ever been in the developing world, there's always a guy standing on the street outright offering to sell you drugs.

    One trick I have employed with much success is to buy something from a local street vendor (either a souvenir or food), from some young dude or older alternative looking guy, strike up a bit of small talk, and then ask if he knows where I can get some weed. The quality of product is usually better than just buying it from a tout.
    I haven't read much geographic-specific information so I too have an incomplete picture. However, from what I understand there is a certain amount of risk to be assessed by all parties involved. The economic benefit of kidnappers holding ransom for every adventurous traveller fresh off the ship would be detrimental to the livelihood of these port hubs. There is no guarantee a ransom is paid while tourists are known to facilitate trade on a consistent basis. Taking that surplus away for insidious gain would be a direct threat to all the merchants and city-folk residing by the port.
    Even the kidnap capital of the world, Columbia, is beginning to completely rethink their stance on drug policy. How much of this is influenced by tourists getting their toes chopped off for a joint, I don't know. At least this path of thought is a positive start towards a safer environment for tourists which will benefit the reputation of the region as a whole.

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