Going on 6th week into flowering... Buds still small

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  1. Going into 6th week of flowering sunday and basically buds are still small like nuggets.. just wanted to know if iit was normal or if their gonna get a growth spurt or something ?
  2. A few answers could help us out:
    What strain/how long is it supposed to take?
    Growing Medium?
    Lights used/light cycle?
    Nutrients used?
    pH level?

    And most of all, pictures!
  3. What strain/how long is it supposed to take? WHITE RHINO 6-10 weeks i ve been told

    Growing Medium? not sure what ur asking me

    Lights used/light cycle? 12/12 2ft 8 lamp T5 with mixed bulbs (red/blue)

    Nutrients used? FOXFARM- grow big, tiger bloom, big bloom

    pH level? never check

    And most of all, pictures! TRY TO POST ASAP
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, growing medium means soil, coco, hydro, aero, dwc, etc.
    You should desperately get a pH meter. You can be locking out nutrients if your pH is too low/high.
  5. if it is your first grow i reccommend not even using nutes unless it hydro. and if you really wanna use then just use a little bit diluted in with your water untill you get a ph meter. i have a ph meter but its a bull shit hydrofarm one that doesnt work very well, so when i add nutes to my water i dont put much in because its better than putting too much in. ive found that when you are learning it is best to just let MJ do her thing and only add nutes if she is showing signs of nute deficiencys. and once you get a grow under your belt you will understand that she is going to do 95% of the work.

    also what wattages does each bulb have? and how many bulbs/plants etc
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  6. did it ever seem sick during growth?

    you may be over watering.

    you did cut down the light and keep it COMPLETETLY light proof when its in darkness. like 12/12

    other then that its the lumen output or the humidity.

    theres SO many factors that youve gotta be specific, but almost 2 months into flowering you should have like a qp off a white rhino if you did it right.
  7. You need HID lighting in order to get decent nugs. IMHO
  8. ^^ although ive seen some nice output with cfls
  9. agreed.
  10. pics as requested....

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  11. Yea man you may have like a 12 week finish there they look like they are just getting started.

    I would aim for 10-12 week for it to be ready, possibly a tiny bit longer..

    Good luck!
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  12. ok long list here Medium, i only used the pro mix potting soil.

    Its my first grow and i use foxfarm nutrients never had a problem, i use the chart as a guide but basically watch the plant, whatever i m doing its been working so far.8 lamps not sure how many watts, and only two plants there was three but it was a male and got it outta there a while back.

    never showed any deficiency the whole time in growth NEVER. Never over water i know what to look for when to water and when not too. LIght proof under 12 hour night so its completely light proof. Trying to be as specific as i can big guy.

    Sinister Only suggestion right now, sounds like the solution.
  13. Check the temps. I grew crap all summer. Small buds and poor flowering. It was running in the very high 90's and shut it down 45 days ago. Lost one strain.
  14. they are way to small
  15. It sounds like you have reasonably healthy plants and there for the only possible cause would be lack of light how tall are those plants? You are aware that floros need to be kept a very minimal distance from plants because of there diminishing returns over very short distances? If you want big buds you need to upgrade to HID other wise the only thing i can suggest is scroging your plants next time around to maximize your light coverage and adding some CFLs in there as supplemental lighting
  16. OP, what are you counting as flowering time? When you switched to 12/12 or when the plant first showed sex?
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  17. yea it kinda looks like they are not getting enough light. tho they are growing. blue spectrum bulbs could hold you back to
  18. looks pretty good actually just what everyone else said...i would do what the guy above just said and change out all the tubes to 2700k flowering reds..if you want the mixed spectrum you can leave 1 or two tubes at 6500k veg blues but all red should be better for flowering imo:hello:
  19. A pH meter and a TDS meter will take almost all the guesswork out of fertilizing. Pot likes pH 6-7 for soil and 5.5-6.5 for hydro, nutrient strength at 900-1200 ppm for vegging and 1400-1800 ppm for flowering. Anything out of this range tends to block nutrients from getting absorbed like they should.
  20. I agree with most of what everyone else is saying it does depend on lighting environment grow medium and strain. But I don't agree with the fact that you need to use hps or my lighting to achieve good yields/results. I'm growing the Chrystal strain under a 600 watt LED in deep water culture I've attached a pic I'm 6 weeks into flowering 20161031_174518.jpg

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