Going into Flowering, Need NPK ADVICE!!!!

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  1. Hello to all,
    Im starting this new indoor grow on 6 liter pots. Im gonna be having about 6.5 sq FT with 2 600w air cooled reflectors.

    My question is..
    I recently got some ORGANIC nutes, some you may not know since i got them when I was in europe.
    For vegg Im planning on using some SEABIRD GUANO (peruvian) and some worm castings mixed in the soil with perlite (80%potting soil, 10%worm castings, 10% perlite) and some grs of this peruvian SB GUANO..(im in peru).
    I think with that everything would be covered organically for the first 3-4 weeks of growth.
    I have some ATTAZYM(0-0-6) as well which is a MULTI-ENZYME PREPARATION that says to enhace root activity & growth as well as stimulating micro organisms in soil. This I might add at a 1/2 strength during vegg,(thats if nobody suggests agains it)
    Also some Supervit (Vitamins & aminoacids for plants)recommended by a fellow grower. To be used in vegg & flower for an overall healthier plant.

    Now For the important part FLOWERING

    I got Recommended several times by fellow growers
    Greenhope FLORAMAX Flowering Bio-stimulator (0-0-0)
    (which says to make the plant use up ALL of the available nutrients left in the soil, making the plants need a bit more feeding since they use up everything.)Made from flower & plants oils and extracts.

    Technaflora Puravida BLOOM (2-6-6)Heard good things!!
    (alfalfa, mollases, seaweed powder, kelp extracts, epsom salts etc)

    Cannabiogen Delta 9(2-4-3)
    (Seaweed extract 9.5% Ascophyllum nodosum).
    It claims to increase FLOWERING by 30% and RESIN by 25%.
    4 applications..2 Foliar feedings(each 10 days..1st is 10 days before going into flowering) & 2 in the normal watering.

    BAC organic PK booster(4-2-8)
    (alfalfa, mollases, kalivinasse, stone meal, trace elements)
    It is the only true ORGANIC PK booster in the market I believe.

    With all of this I get a combined NPK of (8-12-17)...i Think its a bit much N..and it sort of surpasses the IDEAL pk13/14.
    Should i used em all in conjuction or should i save some of my precious NUTES?????????? I have Floramax which does make em use up more nutes as well.
    Other 2 combinations could be:
    Pura Vida & Delta 9 (4-10-9)
    Pura vida & BAC PK BOOSTER (6-8-14)

    Any & all suggestions are welcomed...THANKS for reading
    Just do add..
    I will be gettin a Reverse Osmosis Filter for the water since its really hard over here. I will Oxygenate the water im going to give the plants with a little fish tank pump 15min before..also rise the water temp to 22-23 degrees Celsius since ive been told it is the best temp for watering since the roots absorve more and gets less shocked from the cold water. I also control Ph (ph down) and EC with some digital meters..I usually start with 1/4 strength nutes and go up to 1/2 strenght in main flowering stage.

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