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Going in for an Interview at Dementia

Discussion in 'General' started by This Fuckin Guy, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. haha well for all the Blades living in the greater LA area i applied and they just called me back (24hrs later) and want an interview.

    Pretty fucking confident about getting the job and itd be fucking sick.

    The shop id be working at has last years Cannabis Cup winner.. AK Mini Tube at it :hello:

    Be selling fancy glass n shit. Be DOPE.

    Not to mention the employee discount AWWWWW FUCKINNNN YEAHH!

    AND my mom said she'd pay for me to take glass blowing classes so i can go apprentice somewhere.

    Id be making less money than i am now. BUT FUCK MY CURRENT WORK.

    Id rather be doing something i love with the shit i love any fucking day. :smoking:

    Toke one for me brudda's cause i REALLY want this fucking job.
  2. Congrats man. I am also chasing after a job I really want - lets swap good vibes ;)
  3. Mission complete :cool:

    Idk if my dick grew a couple inches last night er what but man..

    I was confident as fuck lol

    No pre game nervousness or anything just all boss mode


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