Going glass hunting this week, advice?

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  1. all yours :smoke: haha
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    Hey guys so I ended up going with the 18" 50x5 Sovereignty Stemline (upgrid). A friend bought it for me and needs to ship it though. What is the best way of going about this? It is all within california, is USPS or UPS better for this?

    Also, I was going to have him put it in the bong bag, and wrap the bong bag with bubble wrap and put it in a box. Should this be good enough?

    Going to now order either a Toro Circ AC or a 2012BC Gridded Circ AC. I like the gridding of the BC, but I like the name of Toro, and the fact that it will sit lower on the bong and not up near my face like the BC sits. Also going to pick up a Ben Wilson Disc Diffused slide.
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    UPS all the way.

    Purchase insurance for the package also.

    Get your friend to wrap the tube in bubble wrap, place in a box with packaging peanuts, then place that box in another larger (also padded/packing peanuts filled) box. This is how online headshops ship.

    If you do not double-box the package, your shipping insurance will be voided.

    Goodluck!! :smoking: ill b expectin milk vids :]

  4. Thanks guys. I'm actually going to be making a different name soon but I will make a thread with a milk vid hopefully this week.

    Sovereignty Stemline 18" 50x5 Upgrid
    Toro Circ Ashcatcher Black Cursive Logo
    Ben Wilson Disc Diffused Slide
    Also grabbed a Roor Small Funnel Slide with Handle, as I saw some at a shop today and they seem to be kind of rare, also my favorite push slide I've used.
    The Sov comes with some ice pinch slide so I will have a variety of airflows to play around with.
  5. Ben Wilson. Simple as that.
  6. Personally, neither. Not worth the price compared to a DWB or similar custom dd
  7. I have both, and i use them both.

    U can't just say one or the other, they're different.

    The B wilson is less airy (because the disc screen covers more of the hole), while the leisure ones are more airy (simply because the disc screen is more "wirey" and thus more "open" than the B wilson)

    Choose depending on what you want

    It's just a matter of preference
  8. What about size wise? I heard the Ben Wilson is bigger than that leisure slide above?
  9. Go with a Apix Design DD bowl is my say. As an owner of all three artist's disc diffused bowls, the luke wilson was easily the classiest looking. Really speaks for his precision in glassblowing; he's definitely on the same level as Steve. Ben's was a little hardier looking, less refined. The above poster is right in saying the LW slide is airier compared to the BWilson, but the difference is so negligible it's really just preference. The slide Apix made for me is still my favorite though, Luke's precision with a nice serendipity pull on it. I'd email Apix.
  10. size varies between them both.

    My first was a LukeWilson DD which was small, then i got a B wilson DD which was even smaller;

    Then i got another LW DD, which when it came (as i ordered online) was much bigger than my first one. The same exact thing happened when i got another B wilson DD slide along with my B wilson inline, haha. It was even bigger than the two LW's and the one other B wilson slide.

    So long story short....(<<if anybody saw the new southpark, lawl :smoke:), the size can vary

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