Going glass hunting this week, advice?

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  1. Here's my original thread here:

    This week I'm going to visit goodfellas in SF and big al's in berkeley in search of my second piece. I'm still leaning towards a stemless piece, but I'm still considering getting a Roor, like my old piece (RIP).

    My price range is $200-300, but I'd really like to keep it in the lower part of that IF possible. I may not if it's a really nice piece though. Some pieces that I've heard may be in my price range (or near it):

    SGW Waffle
    SG Stemline
    Vertigo Stemline
    SYN Showerhead

    If I get a Roor I'd get a 5-7mm 18inch tube.
    I also saw this nice piece online but worried about quality of the glass:
    Blaze Glass - Stemless Glass Ice Bong - 10-arm Perc - Circ Perc - Herb Grinders - Smoking Accessories - Grasscity.com

    Anyways, any advice?
  2. Get the waffle or the SG Stemline. You might also want to look into Apix Design's King stemlines :bongin:
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    like 95% of us are gonna say hell no to the roor, but if you really love them.

    I'd go stemless for sure.

    I've never heard of good fellas but big al's is a good shop forsure.

    Doubt your gonna get an SG anything unless you wait. No less than like 310 either. Idk what the reg stemlines are going for on BM but I've heard kings go for up to $450.

    A waffle or showerhead would be your best bet from what you listed. Lots of other great tubes/bubblers in that price range. Go talk to the people at big Als. I've heard great stuff. Don't really doubt bubblers either. In your budget you could get a dope bubbler.
  4. I would hit up Apix Designs and see how much Dan would charge you for a stemline to double disk
  5. waffle all the way. they hit so incredibly good, such a smooth pull and smooth smoke. I'd do that without a doubt
  6. I'm sure you can find an SG stemline around that part of Cali. Goodfellas definitely could, but call around to other shops if they don't. Don't settle for anything less than than the best.

  7. Thanks for the advice, it's looking like I should go for an SG stemline or an SGW Waffle, but does anyone have any opinion on one vs the other?
  8. no on roor
  9. I have this tube and it's nice, hits well, little drag, and is the quality of the glass surprised me. I like it a lot it's my daily driver.

    However, if you have the funds and access to any of the other pieces you mentioned (except Roor) I would pass up the Blaze for any of them.
  10. Check out the cave in San Mateo too
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    Big Al's in Berkeley carries some pretty unreal Mobius pieces. They might start pushing you up and out of your price range but at least take a look at them while you are there. They definitely have a pretty unique scientific look to them.

    Just check the youtube vids of SGW waffle and SG stemlines. They both stack like beasts and look pretty damn classy. Obviously SG is whats in right now, everyone is going to kind of lean that way, but SGW pushes out some pretty unbelievable work as well.
  12. OK so I am working with a 150-175 budget and what I'm doing is getting the black leaf nautilus which has an inline perc which can be easily taken apart for cleaning and has ice catchers. It costs 80 bucks so I am getting the black leaf shower head perc($48) with a recessed 90 degree joint which will also act as an ash catcher and a second perc so you really don't have to clean your bong as often. All this costs 133 dollars so you have room for shipping. What you're getting is double perc ash catch inline bong for 150. Fuck yeah anyone? spend the extra 150 on madddd herbs

  13. I didn't totally understand what you have put together, but I would stick with the stuff already mentioned.
  14. That's some random guy apparently trying to hijack my thread. Start your own thread. I'm still leaning towards an SG Stemline or waffle.

  15. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw-5a2oMb4k]SGW WAFFLE vs SG STEMLINE - YouTube[/ame]

    Haha clearly this guy wanted the SG to win. The SGW stacked way up past the ice pinches when he couldn't see it through the smoke. The SG stacked just as well if not better. Both unreal tubes.
  16. I have a SG kingstem and I love it. Gonna buy a waffle at somepoint to try it out tho looks sick.

  17. As far as the bubbles traveling higher when the smoking, that just tends to happen with smoke in the tube for some reason.
  18. Question: What is the difference between an SG gridded stemline and an SG stemline? Pricewise? Funtionality wise?
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    Personally man I wouldn't buy any glass this close to 4/20. Check out the headshops just to see what they have and get there as early as you can on 4/20. A majority of the time they throw crazy deals at you. Plus there's absolutely nothing like ripping a brand new piece of glass to celebrate your holiday. :bongin:
  20. Stemlines and king stemlines are all gridded. People just tend to call them stemlines since most know they are gridded.

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