Going For A Walk Under The Influence Of Thc

Discussion in 'General' started by Grandfather, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. It's a great thing to do, my arms feel wobbly my legs feel wobbly everything is slow and everything is funny.

  2. Wtf did you smoke?! Lol
  3. I kind of get what your saying, when I am smoking and walking trails usually my legs get a little more stable, but my vision gets over flooded with beautiful green trees and plants...... :eek:
  4. THC does that to ya? Are you sure it's not the age? :D
  5. I'm sure it was THC (Well I hope it was  :laughing: ) but the further I walked the more high I got! There was this very floating type feeling, my arms just felt like they moved slower and they were a lot more wiggly! 
  6. I enjoy hiking in the redwood forest when I am baked.
  7. love hiking while smoking talk about going green :smoking:  haha but never floated.
  8. TS mistakes being weak for smoking weed
  9. I love hiking while high. Outside is pretty
  10. I love high while hike. pretty is outside
  11. when my tolerance was lower, I was walking home from a friends house and I was stoned as shit. everything was vivid and colorful and it felt like I was walking thru a cartoon world. also recently, I was walking my dog while stoned as fuck. it doesnt feek quite the same. I'm a 6'4 male and I was walking a little ass poddle haha it's such a funny sight

    I get what your saying though, bro. When I walk my eyes feel like they're burning from the wind and the weed, it just compliments the high, makes me feel higher in a way. I get out of breath easily after I've had a joint though  :confused_2:
  13. I used to enjoy hiking while stoned, but recently my asthma's been flaring up and I get out of breath very easily after smoking.
  14. I love walking when Im high. Its the best!
  15. Yeah its always great.  I look around so much when I do that that people must think I"m crazy or something...or just on drugs :smoking:
  16. I get medicated before yardwork. Makes the heat more bearable (we're seeing triple digits already), makes the cool of the house feel better and with some good tunes, makes the yardwork go by pleasantly.

    Haven't had one of those slow-motion experiences, since my teens.
  17. Haha I do this all the time. Especially with my buddy's, we always say "wanna go for a little stroll?"
  18. Get nice and toasty, go on a walk and enjoy nature.

    Gets the mind going too, good cure for writers block. (if you're into that kind of thing)

  19. I went for a bike ride this evening under the influence of thc.. 
    Been under the influence since I got off work  :bongin:
  20. triple digits?  unless youre in south/SW texas or the desert southwest (mojave, phoenix, tuscon, LV, etc) i dont think so...lol.  sorry.  meteorologist speaking.
    anyways, i honestly dont really like hiking or any form of exercise while high, i feel like it makes the high go way too fast and im more focused on how hot and uncomfortable i am than how pretty the trees are.
    now, get me on a sober hike in the mountains, give me 3 or 4 joints and my backpack, and i'll have a great time just fuckin staring off into the mountain views in sunset with my tunes on while cookin up some food on a campfire and settin up tent....awww yeah, instaboner

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