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Discussion in 'General' started by Fup, May 24, 2002.

  1. HIGH all. Or not, for me!

    Okay, I just need a place to whine a bit. I'm doing exams right now and I've been trying not to get high while they're on 'cos I don't want to fuck them up. But it's a lot harder than I thought it would be :( It's not that I'm craving them like you would if you gave up cigarettes, but since I stopped smoking regularly my mood's changed. I last got properly high on May 11th, and since then I've only had two small spliffs to calm me down.

    I've found I get stressed really quickly, and I'm irritable and argue a lot, and I can't relax. I'm restless and fed up and annoyed the whole time. It's such a crappy feeling. I'm sure it's 'cos I'm not smoking regularly because weed calms you down, but I really need to try and stay sober till my last exam. And that isn't till June 20th!! Aaaaagh!!

    Okay, just needed to vent. Now I'm gonna sit here sober while you all blaze. *sniff* :'(
  2. Time drags when you're having none! lol, sorry, couldn't help myself!! :D: But just think how cool it will be when ya get to celebrate!!! :hello: :hello: :hippie: :smoke: :smoking:
  3. just think how high you're gonna get when you do smoke again, june 20th is it? you can do it it's not that long from now gotta pass those exams good luck
  4. Yeah, I'd go with a combination of keeping yourself really really busy so you don't have time to miss it, and fantasizing about how great it's gonna be when you do. Save something you love to eat when you get the munchies, or a hellaciously funny video you know you'll enjoy or something...it's been working for me; I've been involuntarily dry since mid April. :( good luck to ya!
  5. look on hte bright side man, your losing your tolerence. You won't have to smoke nearly as much when you start again. I quit for my exams too.
  6. sorry to hear that man.....Just wait..it'll be worth it...If it was me tho...I'd take the test high....and get high scores..lol
  7. i haven't smoked in nearly long enough either, and i'm showing those same mood changes. all my friends that don't smoke think i'm mad at them, because they just do not understand. like amanita and scamp said, keep busy, that's what i've been doing and it really helps. everyday when i get home i clean and it really helps take my mind of how much i wanna call up my dealer and get stoned outta my mind.

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