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    I have never ate pussy before, I think its absolutely nasty. The only girl I ever offered told me she never wants to be eaten out. But lately I've been thinking that I should try it. Can some of you guys share your thoughts about this?

    Ladies: What do you thing about it? Is it worth it?
  2. Real men eat pussy. That's just how it is, its an acquired taste.
  3. Circles with your tongue on her clit, just keep doing small circles she'll cum hard, they all do....
  4. I'm in the same boat bro,

    but the chick I'm with now.. I'm definitely willing to eat her out. I finger her all the time and I enjoy the way she reacts. She loves it.
  5. in my experience, girls give up the whole enchilada quicker and stay with you longer if you go down on them. Pretty good reasons to do so i suppose.
  6. I really don't mind going down on and pleasing girls, because it usually leads to better things in the end. The thing that I do mind though, is when I'm down there and it smells like my face is in the crotch of a 45 year old overweight man who just finished a 2 hour intense workout session
  7. Girl that doesn't want you to go down on them has problems. Problems you don't wanna deal with.
  8. "Is it worth it?" What kinda question is that.
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    hahaha, don't eat out 45 year old overweight dudes at the gym! haha, if your girl showers on a daily basis like they should, you should have no problem going down to eat that, just never after she is out of work! you don't have to try it to know that it'll be bad after work
  10. I love going down on my girl :) her vag doesn't have any taste or smell to it but I have Eaten girls who have :eek:
  11. I'm in the opposite boat as you. My girl lets me fuck and she's let me finger her ass before but she won't let me eat her pussy. Her pussy doesn't stink either (smelt it after fingering her) so idk wtf her problem is.

  12. She was a virgin, but she just thought someone doing down on her is weird.
  13. think of it like an investment that's definitely going to pay off
  14. It totally depends on the pussy!

    I've had some amazing pussy, and some omg-if-I-stay-down-here-another-second-I'm-gonna-gag pussy, so just make sure whoever you want to eat out is fucking CLEAN.

    I'm talking inside, too.

    If it's clean, fucking delicious.
  15. I love eating out my girl! How could you not love that shit? 69 is the greatest thing invented too.
  16. When it comes to eating pussy it's simple. If you don't someone else will. If they don't want you to then there are some serious issues at play and like Mairuzu said, you don't want that.
  17. I'd suggest you think about getting ya mind right cat.

    I've never been with a lady that didn't enjoy it. Just for example, I'd never have a relationshit with a lady that wouldn't return the favor.

    I tend to agree with others, if a girl doesn't like it, she's got some issues, or sex really isn't her thing.

    Good Luck.
  18. honestly, i fucking love doing it, i love the reaction i get Ive eaten pussy that had a slight odor to it, and i currently dine on puss that has no offensive smells, and actually tastes kinda good, i can amake her cum for fuckin minutes by eating her out so i deff say its worth it she will thank you, and more likly than not..return the favor ;)
  19. i love it! if i were with a guy who didnt want to go down on me...:mad:
  20. fuck i had it all written down and deleted it. Sorry you missed out on the best way to eat pussy, I have to go attend to the vajaja

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