going crazy without bud

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  1. im trying to save for an ounce and im looking for the cheapest prices. i smoke for anxiety and just fucked up mental shit and its driving me fucking crazy not smoking for even a day. the thing is i have enough for a sack but i dont have enough for what these assholes in town charge for an ounce. im looking for a 50-60$ ounce and these fuckers charge like 75-100. my reason for wanting the ounce is pure finance so i can start smoking crip instead of these shitty brick regs. also i have court on the 17th so i have to quit soon anywa but i want money to buy some spice gold...fuck my life
  2. Get a job?
    Fastfood places are nearly always hiring.
  3. Bro...what? Seriously what are you talking about. No way you're getting really good bud for 50-60 an ounce. Even if you knew a grower I doubt you could get prices like that. A 100 $ ounce would be great if you can find that. The "fuckers" that you are referring to are providing you a service which they can get into a great deal of trouble for doing. The prices you are saying are ridiculous seem great if they are really but honestly you sound like you have no idea what you're talking about. The only ounce that you're getting for 50$ is gonna be shitty brick regs. Sheez!

  4. not in this economy. at least this town. i dont know where you live but it must be job central cuz iv applied at all of those spots

  5. thats what i want to get. i dont care about quality. im going to make 50$ if i can get it for 50$...
  6. Have you actually called those places back, asked to speak with a manager, and attempted to set up an interview?
    Most places will not even call you back for an interview, unless you call them.
  7. I know where your comming from bud, i smoke for anxiety and to cope with a more fucked up mind then you can imagine, I've gone 6 weeks with no smoke spiraling deeper and deeper into my own insanity, due to moving into a new place and having no connect I can't get bud and even if i could i could pick up an 8th because i no longer have a job and no place is hiring. Fuck this economy man, best thing i can say is get some dxm to pass the time till you find the right price.
    Good luck to you man
  8. wtf that's so fucking cheap for an ounce

  9. If you can't even get a job at a fast food restaurant YOU ARE A LOSER.
  10. Lemme know if you find that $50 ounce cause I pay $45 for an 8th...
  11. if you want to pay 45$ for an 8th or brick then fine lol. i guess i forgot to inclued that im buying regs...
  12. With this economy in my area fast food joints are not even hiring anymore.

  13. same =/
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    I know what you mean my dude.My anxiety fucking sucks ass.It will get so bad to when I just want to go completely nuts,like pulling my hair out,braking shit,ect,ect.If you gat insurance,go to a doctor and try and see if he can help you with your anxiety.If you dont,go search your area for free clinics or discount clinics.A lady I know has no insurance and gets 90 xanax a month for 25$ from a place called "the rock".

    If you keep your mind occupied it should help a small bit,I know it does me.You live close to the 405,I would smoke you out.Give you some goodies too,to help with this horrible shit.It sucks,it really does and wish I could get mine to stop.I have to pop like 4 mg's xanax to be okay,then I will still get the racing thoughts and shit.

    There is always a way to get some cash,wether you go legel is your choice.Just look around for smaller jobs,hell if you got to hold a sign up and cut some grass.

    Hope you get better my friend,I really do.This bowls for you my man/woman?Stay up,try and find some Klonipins or another Benzo untill you get your weed.I dont what to say really,I dont know what position you are in.Hope all gets better.

    Shit,I didnt know you were just smoking regs,if you live close PM me.

  15. yea i do odd jobs. i actually got a gram of real good dank today but im still making cash off of it cuz none of my friends get dank and i charge 5$ for a bowl and they been smoking with me all day and i got paid for it lol, so im pretty much smoking it for free cuz i still have some left over for me, but yeah i got dank connects sometimes.

    but yeah this shit sucks, not so much now cuz im sitting on dank ass crip that i have no tolerance to and i hardly need any bud to get high for some reason. also id probably only do pharms if i had a lagit script cuz half of the reason im so fucked in the head right now is cuz my friend od'ed on that shit about a month ago and died so im not comfortable at all with drugs like that. but my anxiety is just like yours it seems. i dont know if you self medicate with herb but it sucks not having it. its not even the not smoking part. its not having bud. im so much more relaxd when i have bud even if i havnt smoked any all day
  16. If I dont have bud,I am pretty much fucked.I can't eat,sleep,and I hurt.I'll smoke a few bowls of a pure Indica strain such as a Kush for example if my anxiety is bad.If I smoke a Sativa strain it makes it alot worse and I feel like I am going to blow up or some shit.I take xanax for the anxiety most of the time,if I take a few mg's and smoke a bowl I'll be good for a few hours.

    Last night I had a mild panic attack and I had to go get a 1/8th from someone that had an indica strain at 3:00 in the morning becouse even though the stuff I have now(Afghan hybrid dude is working on)it just makes it alot worse.I had to take a few xanax too becouse of my tolerance towards Marijuana,I also have a tolerance on Xanax but thats a whole nother story.

    Sorry to hear about your friend my dude,if you need to talk just PM me.My Grandma is about to die soon,someone I know(dealer)died from leukemia a week or so ago,a friend of 10 years has not called me,nor contacted me when they moved.Shit sucks,you gotta pull through it though my man.Stay up
  17. Ha your username fits the situation

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