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Going cold turkey and drugs tests

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Matt6233, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. On January 29 I smoked a blunt and decided I was going to stop smoking after that to try and find a new job and see what it is like to be sober. I took a few small hits on February 6th but other than that I have not smoked. Before that I smoked almost everyday for the past 2 or 3 years with maybe 20-30 days total that I didn't smoke. I have a low body fat % and exercise. How long do you think it would be until I piss clean?
    I don't want to stop smoking forever but I never want to smoke daily again.. Once I am clean what do you think is the limit is that I could smoke and then be able to piss clean in a reasonable about a time? once a week? once every two weeks?

  2. read all the other threads that asked the same thing... :eek: seriously...there are thousands of them all repeating the same things... :bongin:
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    I stopped smoking for 2+ weeks and passed my piss test the other day. But I ate some cannabutter at around the 2 week mark before my test.
    Similar stats to you - low BF, exercise somewhat regularly, chronic daily stoner for the past 3 years.
    I ate very healthy for the week before my test. For 3 days before my test, I ate low-carb (to burn fat) and drank a lot of water. The morning of, I drank some sugary tea (to stop burning fat) + milk + a B-vitamin + lots of water.
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    I stopped smoking for two months and I didn't pass my piss test. I was actively training during that period. My friend stopped for a month and he pissed clean.
    Granted, my values were like 0.01mg from passing, but for what ever reason, its really individual. Before I quit I used to smoke at least 3 grams a day minimum for at least 5 years so I might be a bad example.
    Low/mid body fat (~15%) and quite muscular while I trained 5 times a week. Can't claim i drank or ate excessive healthy though. My friend who passed within a month smoked half of what I smoked and had slightly bit more body fat.

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