Going coco with a G13 apple crumble.

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  1. Hello all,

    Hope everyone is well.

    I got an apple crumble plant from G13 seeds. been germinated and about 3 weeks into veg. been kinda neglected and left in a small pot. I have just transplanted into a big pot. They have been rooted and grown in soil and have now put into coco.

    will be using canna coco A & B with some pk 13/14 for the 5-6 week. Intake fan is 4inch and out take is 5inch. there is an oscillating fan in the room.

    At the moment the plant is under 250w. the plan is to veg until end of may, then june under 400w and july under 1000watt. If july is too hot for a hps 1000 i am going to stick under a quantum board.

    Never grown this strain but have over the years grown G13 products and always have good reviews for them.

    I will post first pic up tomorrow.

  2. Good luck.
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  3. So this is my plant. I guess she about 3-4 weeks she was started from seed. She has been kinda neglected.

    I will keep her in veg until end of May so we should have a big plant ready to go into flower.

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