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  1. So this happenend a couple years ago, before school i toked a couple bowls then waited for the bus, while i was waiting my vision slowly started fading, i seen black dots everywhere, then i went blind for about 2 mins, when i was blind i was bugging, thinking i would walk out into the street get hit by a car or something or if the bus rolled up and i couldnt see shit. I took off my coat and my vision started to come back slowly, probbly one of the scariest things that have happened to me

    anyone else ever go blind after smoking, im not sure if i was about to passout or what but i was bugging thinking i turned blind or some shit. I think it could have been i was wearing too much clothes and after i smoke or take a huge rip i tend to get very hot and sweat sometimes
  2. Damn man that's some intense stuff! That's never happened to me before.
  3. I go blind and the rest of my senses get really dulled right before I get a migraine. The first time this happened I was rock climbing and the second time I was skiing. Both were scary as hell because I had no clue what was happening at the time and you kinda need to see to be able to do both of them.
  4. I constantly get headrushes bad, sometimes to the point where I can't keep my balance.

    Once I stood up really fast to take a piss after a round of some good ol' Halo, I get to my hallway and wake up on the floor of my parents room. I didn't know what happened so after a few hours I start remembering shit (I lost all vision, I grabbed the door to keep my balance, and I hit the doorknob on the way down with my jaw). One of the scariest moments of my life.

    Strangely, this never happens when I'm high...
  5. I can't see how weed could do this, so maybe it was just a combination of things? too much sugar, too little sugar, too much water, too little water, etc. or something else. Hopefully it doesn't happen again.
  6. Yeah it wasn't the weed. He said he was wearing too many clothes and got hot. It's happened to me before even when I hadn't smoked.
  7. This happens to me very often. It can be caused by dehydration, lack of oxygen to the brain, vitamin deficiency, or in some cases getting up too fast. I once took too much E and if I so much as tilted my head I would go blind, lose balance and black out. Scary stuff...
  8. btw i would go get a blood test to see if u have diabetes as this happens to my dad.
  9. just stop killing kittens man;)
  10. Speaking of killing kittens, do you have any kittens?
  11. one now, except hes a fullgrown cat, our other one died last week
  12. If you have a history of diabetes, congrats. It's only a matter of time now.
  13. lol, thats fucked up
  14. What do you mean?
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    do you feel like your going to passout?

    ive blacked out 3 times under the influence. and everytime i just get more and more prepared for whats going to happen, heres what ive done to avoid it for a year now.

    start with nutrition EAT and eat well, not to mention ALWAYS and i mean ALWAYS have a bottle of water with you in the sun. trust me it may very well keep you conscious.

    when you start feeling a little numb around the jaw area and such stop. stop smoking weed. find a place to lay down and relax. if you can. put your legs higher then your body to allow the blood to flow

    dont try to run away or anything from your friends or youll just black out while your running and slam your head on the ground. tell them whats happenning and tell them you need to lie down.

    if its too much to bear.

    breathe in for 4 seconds
    hold for 6
    breathe out for 8

    and repeat this has all helped me so much.

    what i was told is happening from a trusted teacher (shes openly admitted to me her fondness of jane, and shes the health teacher!) your breathing is getting too irregular from smoking, and your brain is starting to lose its equilibreum, so it blacks you out to get oxygen and blood back to the brain..

    EDIT:: by the way. doing some core excercises may also help you. even if it doesnt a strong core has many many benifits, and , when awakened after passing out. odds are youll have no memory whatsoever, im talking name, date, friends, or even if your still alive. just take it slow as you can. and make sure people give you space. you will NOT want to be cramped and have people gauking at you.
  16. It sounds like you almost blacked out. I've had simliar experiences but not with smoking. (heat)
  17. i`ve never blacked out under the influence, but when i get a migraine i see black dots and get extremely dizzy.
  18. I've whited out the first time I got high but not for a long period of time at all, I doubt it's just weed that's doing that to you.

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