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  1. I am going big for my first grow I figure the only way to learn is to jump in head first. I want to grow 30 plants for my first attempt and Im building it in my shed which is about 12x12feet it has good ventilation and good darkness but it gets up to about 100 degrees in the summer and Im worried that is to hot should I install AC in it? also I want to buy the best equiptment and supplies money isnt a problem. what are the best lights to buy and how many should I get for 30 plants?
  2. Going big on your first grow is foolish, and the answer to every single question you've asked is already in stickies or other threads here.

    Yes you'll need good strong AC if it's that hot.
  3. So you just call me foolish and give no explanation why?

  4. Because reading is fundamental!!!:poke:
  5. lol it's probably not as dumb as me throwing a shit load of seeds out in the woods and seeing what will happen later.... it'll be more than 30 seeds i can tell you that lol. good luck with your project sir :wave:

  6. Yes, because if you really wanted to start big, and I still think that's bad for a first grow, then you would have done research and not just come here and said essentially, "I want to grow 30 plants, how do I do it?"

    Start small and learn how to grow.
  7. 100 degrees is fine. In fact you may want to install some mini heaters. I recommend using toaster ovens to most people. You can find guides on how to rig them up as heaters. Also make sure you buy expensive seeds... otherwise your efforts are worthless.
  8. heres where you went wrong.
  9. Beginners typically make mistakes and kill plants. Treat your first grow as a learning experience, any yield is a bonus. Expecting to grow 30 plants successfully without prior experience, and apparently without educating yourself much, is about as likely as some lard-ass who has never exercised in his life showing up at the Olympics expecting to win the 100-meter.

    Read the grow guides, sticky threads, links in my sig, and when you're done read them again. Teach yourself so that when you grow you actually know something about what you area doing. Start small, build on your experience.

    And BTW, nobody needs 30 plants for personal use, so FYI discussions of commercial growing are against GC rules.

  10. roflmao the Infinite Euphoria seeds are 1/2 off too! lol get them now :smoking:
    This was my 420th post too, no shit
  11. Better burn one!

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