Going back to the store to check on your application?

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  1. I'm in the middle of summer job hunt, which sucks, especially in this economy. Anyway, I applied at a store about a week ago. They haven't called me yet, which really doesn't surprise me. As it is, the lady told me they were "accepting applications," when I asked if they were hiring. I'm thinking the discrepancy between "accepting applications" and actively "hiring" is not in my favor. But anyway, my mom thinks that I should go back to the store and say that I turned in an application a week ago, and that I was just wondering about the status of it. She says that you almost have to be kind of pushy about it to show that you care.

    Personally, this seems too aggressive to me. I feel like I could ask the woman in there and she'd probably just shrug and say there was nothing she could tell me either way... I just feel like it'd be pointless.

    What do you guys think?
  2. it will definitely work in your favor, shows you aren't a complacent moron.
  3. Following up on applications is always good. I usually call within a week and say something like, hi my name is blah blah, im calling in regards to the application i submitted last week.

    Ive gotten a couple jobs simply because i followed up
  4. Call the manager man, Preferably the one you applied to. The only responses I have got from doing this is "Yeah, can you come in for an interveiw?" and "Sorry, we have no positions available at this time. I can keep your resume on file however.".

    Either way knowing is alot better than sitting around hoping.
  5. Thanks :) You guys have the right idea. That was just the push I needed...

  6. This is the best option. Calling and speaking directly to the manager who you are dealing with is your best bet. It beats waiting and shows your assertiveness without seeming overbearing.

    I've had to go to these job finding training classes as part of a work placement. One thing they stress is follow ups. That and attaching a well made resume to all applications.
  7. calling is the best bet. first time you call to say you turned in the app a week ago and are just wondering if anyone had a chance to look at it.

    then after they say we havent gone thru them just yet but we should get to it in about a week, (standard answer for an employer) then ask for the managers name who is in charge of the hiring. remember his/her name

    then next time you go in personally and ask for the manager specifically. and say you called a week before and asked about the app and say that the person on the phone said to come in this week and ask for the manager.

    then not only will the give you more leverage as to them seeing that you are really interested in a job, but that you know how to follow directions, and yet that makes someone else look bad possibly cuz they shouldnt be telling other people who to talk to and taking administrative duties in their own hands, possibly opening up a position for you.

    but you should always make it a habit to get the hiring managers name when you turn in your app so that you know who to ask for when you call and go in.
  8. What everybody else said is good advice 100%. Listen to them.

    Myself, Id push it to the limit.

    Years ago, Alot of places would tell me 'their accetping apps' instead of 'we're hiring'.

    What id do? Id honestly go to the same 20ish stores every single day and ask for an application. And id turn in the application everysingle day. Some stores id have 40+ apps compared to some peope who had the saeme idea and would have 3-4 apps.

    Point being, I WAS ALWAYS HIRED BEFORE I EVEN SHOWED UP!!! Alot of the times i was hired but couldnt even be hired because i wasnt 18 yet and old enough to wokr for these companys.

    But honest to god my effort and perrstiacnce to work for these companys worked time and time again despite my appeacnced and upbriningg.

    Its all about being hungry. How hungry are you?

    I was hungry enough to do anything to make money where police wouldnt fuck with me, And it worked out. I proved myself a hard worker without any previous experience in the positons i was applying for.

  9. That sounds like a damn good idea. I think I'll try that now as I'm currently job hunting. :)
  10. That is the only reason I was hired at Costco. I kept going back and asking what the status of my resume was. When I went in, I shook the hiring manager's hand, told her who I was and what I came for, and she put my resume at the top of the pile.

    Got a call the week after. :)

    I know I told you this already but I wanted to bump one of your threads. :p
  11. So any luck OP?

  12. *Sigh*

    No, even after I went in. Kinda sucks, but I applied at a few more places that are supposed to be hiring for the second part of summer, so we'll see. :) Thanks for asking!

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