going away...watering????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by doc dank, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. im going away for a couple weeks, and i have no means of watering my patch while im gone, its heating up alot during the day here, and water gets sucked up dry within a matter of days.
    im looking for an inventive, creative and effective method to give my plants enough water untill my return. any help will be greatly appritiated. many thanks
  2. I'm just assuming you have water pressure nearby but when I went away I just went and got a timer.. had it open up and water 15 mins three times a day.. It worked well.. you do have to get some raindrip stuff and make a quick little watering system.. but it's only like 30-40 bucks and it gets you taken care of while you go away... I was gone for a week.. and it worked great...
  3. well depending on what you have available you could use something as simple as a drip system. like an upside down two-liter bottle, larger if possible since you'll be gone a while.. (hmm, a few weeks?), with one(?) or more small holes in the cap to let it slowly drain out over time. maybe a five gallon bucket instead or you could even build some rig that you could stack mutiple two-liter bottles together just for a larger capacity.

    i would think a good watering before you leave combined with the drip system would keep it going for a while. i would like to say though that i have never used anything other than manually watering myself. but i have heard of drip systems on these forums for extended watering. im sure someone experienced will come along and expand on this.

    good luck with your grow though, i hope for you the best.

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