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  1. I have a 9-12 inch plant thats been flowering for about 2 and a half weeks now in a fairly small pot and a 2-3 inch plant thats in a small pot, did I mention Im using soil?

    My question is will these plants be ok for the 6-7 days Ill be gone? can i make them be ok?

    also I dont know my humidity and temps are usually a bit over 80 during the day and prolly about 70 at night
  2. Buy some other plants and flowers in small pots Put them all around your plant and have mom come over and water the plants for ya.
  3. no, they wont be ok...they will survive, but cut your weight by 1/4 to 1/2..iive lived by experience.

    what was told to me after, and i wish before, was you could but (or make) them auto watering "Globe" things they sell on the TV it looks like a

  4. How often between waterings now? Can't know if they'll make 6-7 days or not without knowing how quickly they dry up now.

    But, I assume it is shorter than that or you wouldn't be asking.

    The best solution is to get an auto watering system, they can be had online for $50-$75. Short of that I think you should look to a DIY drip or wick system. For example, you could get a gallon jug, poke a hole or two in the bottom, suspend over your plants, and let it slowly drip onto the soil (start with the holes small and see what the flow rate is, then make the holes bigger to get the flow you want). Be sure to loosen the cap of the jug so air can get in, otherwise the water won't drip out.
  5. the pots take about 3-4 days before the soil starts lookin pretty damn dry

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