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  1. Hello all, long time lurker here. This is my third season and I'm planning to go 100% organic next year. Unfortunately, I'm a newbie when it comes to organic. I've grown outdoor and in, soil, and have used nothing but chemical fertilizer in my past grows. I want to know and learn everything I can about growing organically so I can prepare myself for next year's grow. 
    So I bought 10 cubic yards of "organic" soil from another grower and ended up using at least 6 yards only. Obviously, I over bought and have a crapload of soil leftover. I plan to store it for next season but I have a few questions for the organic pros out there:
    -If the soil was truly organic, what can I do to keep all the beneficial bacteria alive (for at least year, if possible)? Or better yet, what can I do/add to soil to boost the multiplication/activity of microbe/macrobes/beneficial bacteria, etc.?
    -Will soil still be good after a year of just sitting around doing nothing?
    -Is growing organically really cheaper and yield better than the chemical method?
    Here's the scoop on the soil: The guy gave me a list of what comes in the soil but I forgot exactly what was in it. From the top of my head, I can remember that he told me it came with cow crap (I smelled it from a mile away when he dropped it off), 2 types of bat guano, rice hulls, kelp meal, some woody material (looks like shredded up tree bark and/or possibly peat moss), and pearlite. The only thing that he told me it didn't come with was worm casting, which was a real bummer. I plan to add worms in anyways and hope in a year's time, the soil will be teaming with worms and castings. Since the soil was dropped off (1.5 weeks now), I've moisten it once with water (straight from garden hose with small traces of chlorine in it). Currently, the soil sits in direct sunlight for 5-6 hours a day until it shades come out (this is bad for organic soil I assume). I'm planning on building a bin in my shack and transferring the soil there. What should I keep the temperature at? At night it can dip as low as 40-50 degrees and day time, rise as high as 80-100 degrees. Lastly, assuming the soil is good or becomes good; can I use it to brew tea? I've searched around and found a few good recipes but it seems pretty complicated and hard to obtain a lot of the listed ingredient. Any suggestions on simple recipes with ingredients that's easy to obtain, that just works? For both Veg and Bloom? Also, a lot of the tutorial I've read, only tells one how to make it, but not too often, how to use it. Does the tea go directly on the plants or does it have to be diluted with water? And what's the tea/water mix ratio..... for 600 gallon worth? Sorry for all the questions, again, i'm just trying to learn as much as I can, organic newbie here. Thanks.

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    --Good resource for everything you need to know good buddy, good luck and keep asking if you gots more questions.
    --Good dynamic accumulator list, basically deep rooting mineral searching plants that you can either making fermented plant extracts out of  or just make a liquid slurry of the ingredients by just letting them sit in a bucket submerged with water you could also cut it with about a tablespoon or so of Lacto Bacteria, which is also home made.
    And towards your soil question I mean it sounds pretty good and it should be fine cycling through another year I mean through the year you can just add things to it to make it an even more perfected compost pile just make sure you work on or at least kind of try to work out your carbon to nitrogen ratio, basically green to brown plant to straw you know the dealio.
    But last link i can think of that would be helpful would be this one, other wise just take a gander at some of the other organic threads. or pick up a couple o books whichever floats your boat
    http://gilcarandang.com/recipes/herbagrow/  == how to make FPE's, hydrolysates, grow and bloom boosters, and some homemade vitamin tutorials for homemade superthrive :]
    Good luck and Happy growing friend

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