Goin' to Spain next week

Discussion in 'General' started by Larry Hoover, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. I'm goin to England to see my family for a few days and I'll be stopping in Spain on the way. I'll be in Malaga while I'm there and I'm curious as to how the whole ganja situation is there. I'd love to chill but don't exactly want to be busted in a foreign country. Either way, I still get to chill on the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean :smoke:
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  3. It's illegal there too.
  4. I've heard contless times that bud is pretty accepted over by the general public. I've seen enough skate/bike videos to know that people and Spain are pretty accepting and chill.
  5. In this predicament now - heading to Malaga and will be there over my birthday. Would love to spark up but I smoke weed, not hash. How prevalent is good reefer out there? WeBeHigh seems to hold old and therefore irrelevant accounts for this particular region of Spain.

    I should probably say here that I was in Barcelona for a week last year and even though I only actively looked for one day out there, I couldn't get anything.
  6. its chill out there, can smoke on the beach with no worries. Go to puerto banus, there is a nice chiringuito there, do a good paella.

    i don't think the weather is that great there now tho, but still better than here
  7. I'm reaching Malaga, not Marbella G. You know if it's reasonably easy to pick up out there or would I be better served posting or something?
  8. id post stuff or put it in your luggage. otherwise you'll be wasting your time looking for it or worse might get ripped off

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