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GOIN TO COLORADO! Got some questions got folks there

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SortaStoner, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. I'm going on skiing trip to aspen!!!! I'm 22 so I can buy marijuana there but where should I go to get marijuana, like dispensations or could I go to a local bar and buy it there? If I have to go to a dispensary could someone recommend one close to aspen? can I smoke a joint while driving or does it count as a DUI? Last question, is it ok to smoke in parking lots like around the resort and go skiing or smoke a joint while skiing? Thanks if you can spend your time to answer
  2. I'm going to Vail and Breckenridge to go snowboarding right after new years also. I have no idea and was also wondering, are the dispensaries set up to sell bud yet to non medical patients? also if not, how easy is it to find bud there? because our group is going to go through atleast a half, probably more around an o
  3. Weed is everywhere bro. Just make sure you let them know that you want the DANK.
  4. U can't smoke in public or while driving its the same rules as drinking
  5. Damn...also in the same boat gonna be in CO in a week. Wondering where to get bud
  6. It seems as though most stoners don't consider google their friend
  7. I think the question I have about the whole thing is, coming from a state with no medical laws, who/how do you broach the subject with someone. Also since the legal infrastructure isn't in place yet is there an accepted barter system that people use?

    For instance, a friend has never sold anything, but he will accept gift cards to Home depot or PF Changs. So once out there should I just ask the bartender of My Thai where I can get some herb.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't you need to be a colorado resident in order to buy weed legally
  9. Well seeing how this will be a problem. All you out of state residence don't get your hopes up.

  10. Considering rec use isn't set up yet.
    Yes you do

  11. That article is about trafficking, I don't want to bring it home. I just want to smoke it when I get there. I believe that Amendment 64 isn't just for state residents, but I don't honestly know. I do know that the medical marijuana laws are only for CO residents.
  12. At this time no one can purchase weed legally in CO unless you have a red card and are a medical MJ patient.

    People can legally give you up to an ounce but not sell it.
  13. find someone that is willing to "donate" to you for money.loll
  14. Well how do you think they would eliminate most of the out of state trafficking. Don't sell it to people out of state.
  15. I am so jelly I'ma need some motha' fuckin' peanut butter.
  16. #16 mmotky, Jan 15, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 15, 2013
    I am not disagreeing with you. If I was Kansas I would setup a state police post right west of Kanorado...You would have to be silly to think that isn't going to be an issue. I was just curious if there was something everyone was doing to "get around" the we can't sell it yet conundrum.
  17. Lol at 1:13 the cops name is officer kushman

  18. I guess if you can't buy if you are not a resident you can do the whole Underage looking for drinks trick.
    Be near a dispensary, when you see a dude coming tell him that you want some bud, you are over 21 but you can't buy as you are not a resident yadda yadda. Give him the cash, wait for him to come out, get your bud, thank him, Toke on.
  19. How do I delete threads? I already went and knew what I needed to do. First I went to the terrain parks and went up with people. I asked if they were 21 and shit then finally I met someone who had it on them. So I simply went to his car and he donated me a quarter. At the end of the day he gave me a ride to my hotel only a minute away and payed him some "gas" money. Lol it was a great experience, to baked on the lifts an one started bouncing and I though I was going to die lol

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