Goin to CALII!!!!!

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  1. goin to cali, san diego probably...anywhere to go specific to look for that skunk out there. LET ME KNOW please...i cant go out there and not get some cali fire. :hello:
  2. Dogg, its california. Theres killer buds all over. Fresnos for some fire I can testify for, but dont PM me tryina get a hook up. Im tired of cats tryina bust the thizz man haha. I get too many hookup requests through PMs, shits scary. Fuckin pigs leavin their numbers and shit tryina set meup.

    Good luck though mayne, why you commin out here? Jus for the chronic?
  3. nah spring break/visit..san diego is the shit been there before..but nah i dont fucks wit pigs and it would be dumb to PM someone cuz u dont kno who is on the other end...but yeah ill probly jus hit up downtown sum1 is gonna kno probly ask the first skater i see lol.
  4. www.webehigh.com

    The site wasn't loading for me right now, but check it out. You will find out what you need to know.

  5. just cuz its california doesn't make it easier to find. That's what I thought, but turns out it wasnt. Found a couple people who said they could find it, but no luck. I think people are more sketch of people coming up to em asking for bud than anything. We finally got some, but it was through some mexican who drove us all through Riverside and after an hour and a half we finally ended up with an ounce of mids shake. bullshit. Lol

    but yeah hopefully you'll have some luck out there! Me & my girl are atually goin to california today :D can't wait
  6. the site wont load.
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    i live i cali, so i can speak from experience. i lived in orange county till i turned 18, now i live in oakland. ne ways. if your heading to san diego, your gonna find some dank mexican nuggets down there. mexico ships to san diego. real talk. if you can try to get to "venice beach". its like amsterdam basically but in california. its a beach where you can find over 20 different headshops. over a milli bongs and pipes. everyone usually there is high on something. and theres always someone slangin down there. its like little stoner town. i remember when i went i met this dude who skated around on his skateboard with cowboy boots and some queer shorts on. he had the fire though sold me some nugs that got me stoned.
  8. If you want the dank though be prepared to pay for it. Prices are outragous down there....

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