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Discussion in 'General' started by Wet Horse Lips, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Yep, my faculty at university is having an outing. Tomorrow night is the Inappropriate Office Party @ Club Lavish.

    I guess I am going to go, just for the fact I should be "social" or whatever. I hope I don't get hit on...

    How do I go about avoiding unwanted attention? LOL. There will be a bunch of people there my age (19)...

    Anyone else gone/go to a gay bar? What's the atmosphere like?

    I might not stay for long, depending on the vibe I get...
  2. Reminds me of this episode lol...
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucSF3QBl_gQ]YouTube - Sanford and Son - Lamont, is that you? 1-3[/ame]
  3. Have an open mind - it's just a bar, they're just people. Like you and me. Go in with pre-conceived notions and you're going to have a horrid time and expose your prejudices.

    I'm straight, have never even kissed another guy, but I've been to gay bars plenty of times, lesbian bars too. It's no big deal, just treat it like any other bar, and be flattered and polite when someone hits on you.
  4. My drummer used to work the door at a gay bar and I would go with friends once in a while and always had a great time. And if I did get hit on I would just tell em how it is, but would always be polite and generally got a lot of free drinks, LOL.

    I cant recall ever once having a bad time out with any of my gay friends in any situation. IMO gay people are just that, GAY.
  5. bring a chick friend and say thats your gf. or just tell them youre straight.
  6. It's just a bar like any other, they just happen to cater to a different subculture. One thing to note however, gay men know how to party and have a great time.
  7. it's not so bad getting hit on by gay guys. pretty nice people, they hang out in regular bars too lol. i find it somewhat flattering. i think it might be the long hair. i find i get profiled by gay guys as well as people who want mushrooms:p
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  9. Every year in Toronto is the world's largest Gay Pride parade.

    Everybody attends, regardless of sexual orientation, age or culture. I've seen families attend, with small children and grandparents and the whole bit.

    I mean, it can be pretty sexual - but I think everybody is mature about it and understand the cultural context of their expression.

    That's really the only experience I have. Make your orientation known if it comforts you, but you should just have a good time and enjoy yourself.
  10. i dunno man, it would be too werid when putting on my clothes, colgne knowing that i am going to get looked at by men.

    would be to werid for atleast some straight men like me

  11. The two times i've been with gay friends (lesbians, not hot, no need to post pics), I've noticed the club was exactly the same as other clubs in town..

    1. People having sex in the tiolet.
    2. Bunch of posers in the corner not talking to anyone else, and probably just there to "be seen"
    3. Loud slutty person being drunk and obnoxious.

    The drink prices were AWSOME, i dont know how/why the prices were so different, but i was getting cocktails for about the same price as a beer.

    The only shitty part of the night was when we left the first time, becuase there was some guys staring at us from the end of the street, when i asked my friends what their problem was, i was told they probably though i was gay, and they were going to "gaybash" me.
    They were probably joking about it, but it still got me paraniod and shit, so wasnt cool.
  12. both my ex wives mothers were /are gay....so i have been to a few gay bars...always had a good time heckling the queens on stage
    and dancing with all the old dykes!

    the gay guys tend to get jealous and whisper all kinds of funny shit about you when you only dance with the chicks and wont pay them any attention......
  13. I went to a lesbian club in the city during pride week with my friend and her GF it was fun I had a blast mostly cause I didn't care much about how I handled myself since I wasn't trying to impress anyone it was a chill vibe I must say tho lesbians are way kinky (at least at the club I went to they were) and I went to a gay club for my friends birthday party it was a hardcore atmosphere like kinda..hmm hard to describe if you ever saw the movie party monster? like that but modern I liked it too bad most of the men weren't into gals some were tho and I had fun
    the point is go have an open mind and you'll have fun
  14. the only thing that could go wrong would be chicks seeing you walking out of a gay bar afterwards
  15. My friend drags my out with her to a gay bar a few times a year. It's pretty fun, good music, laid back atmosphere. The only downside is you can make googly eyes at the hot bartender and just get irritated looks in return! :laughing:

    There seems to be a lot more making out then at normal bars, and more crazy outfits.
  16. If you're comfortable with your sexuality it shouldn't be a problem.
  17. Free drinks for sure if your game. Otherwise bring a girlfriend with you
  18. How to not get hit on: be ugly

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