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goin on a cruise

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by reggaeman, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Ok so I'm goin on a cruise soon and i want to bring some bud but i need to fly first to get to FT. Lauderdale. I heard if you vacuum seal your bud and tape it to your sack that they wont find at the airport, but is there anyother way to do it besides that and what do you guys think the chances are that they could find it. any help would be nice thanks...
  2. umm I'm sure you could get away with it, but it's going to be damn near impossible, especially since the attempted terrorist attack on christmas day. security is going to be even more uptight.

    idk man just my opinion, it sounds like a dumb idea to fly with some bud.
  3. Well honestly they are mostly checking for weapons,bombs, etc. Unless you get strip searched taping it to the inside of your boxers should work. I wouldent do it, therefore i don't reccomend it.
  4. Yeah but they are starting to implement machines that can x-ray your whole body to check whats underneath you clothes and shit.
    Plus more random strip searches...

    Just not worth it.
  5. Yeah man, if anything just find someone whos got bud when you get down there.
  6. This. Getting bud on a cruise is a whole different story. :wave:
  7. the thing is though im only in florida for 8 hours before we get on the cruise and the airports im goin through wont have the x ray machines
  8. It's fine if you were just going on the cruise ship. You have nothing to worry about with cruise security.

    Problem is, you have to fly there first.

    Not worth it man. I'm sure if you went to the many places the boats stop at, you could find bud.
  9. Not that I'm recommending it, but I can say I've done it lots of times, a few times with a couple ounces .. My buddy actually just flew here(florida) from Mendocino and brought a half ounce of bubba kush.. and he had it in his pocket! I would just make sure it was sealed good and wedge it in between your legs, you'll be fine.. Key is to not get nervous.. happy smoking, you lucky dog you.. Going on a cruise.. bastard...
  10. If your going on a cruise that means your stopping at islands.

    Check to find out how to get bud whereever your going. Much safer.

    But your probably underage and your parents will most likely not let you run the streets of an island.
  11. i had a "friend" who brought bud with him on a cruise once

    just double bag it then put it down ur pants

    the hard part is smoking it there r cameras everywhere

    this friend just took it up to an outside deck late at night when no1 was there, found a spot with no camera and enjoyed !

    this only lasted for 1 day, cuz after that 2 of my friends non-toking roommates swore the dea came on the boat earlier that morning while he was sleeping so they made/convinced him to flush it.
  12. ya i was just planing smokin in my room with my bro in our room. i heard that you should put coffee beans in the bag with your weed is that true?

  13. Wow, that is just crazy! The rush I would get would be crazy from smoking on a cruise ship! That would just be amazing! But I don't think I could risk that. Getting caught? No way man.
  14. Tape it to your sack. haha.. I wouldnt risk it.. Thats just asking for trouble. You could put it up your ass if you really want to, I've heard of that before, you Dank might turn to Stank though. hahah
  15. I go to college in D.C. and whenever i get a break i go to florida cause my parents live there. I pretty much always bring atleast a half O with me. All i do before i get on the plane is tape it to my leg right under my sack and its been straight every time. As long as you act straight youll be fine getting past security. As everyone else has said its not the best idea but its pretty easy. I say go for it itll be much easier then trying to get it once you get down there.
  16. i was coming back from ft. myers once with a bottle of pills in my pocket, and i left my boarding pass in my carry on when i put it through the scanner, so they searched me.

    before the guy came in the little area they pull you off to, i managed to get it out of my pocket and put it in the front of my waistband, and he never noticed.

    but i wouldn't really reccommend trying to take drugs on a plane.

    if you end up taking some/getting some make sure to smoke it in the bathroom with the fan and shower on.
  17. that would be fun id bring a vaporizer tho.
  18. ya i think im gonna go for it
  19. Isn't a cruise international waters? I'm sure getting caught smoking on a cruise ship wouldn't be that big a deal. Too bad you didn't book a cruise leaving out of vancouver instead! ;)

    Would have simplified things.
  20. Dude just put it in your check in luggage, I fly fro NY to FL at least 3 times a year and never had a problem *knock on wood*

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