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  1. so today i smoked a fat bowl outa my bubbler todayright before work. (in the parking lot to be exact). about 15 mins into work my boss and i sart getting into a conversation, and this wasnt good cause i could feel that my eyes were fucked. so by the end of the convo i knew i already fucked up enough to kno he knew i was stoned so he asked me and i said "yea kinda" then he replies "well at least ur bein honest." hahahahah he was so cool about it. then at the end of work there ere cherry pies for us to take home o i was like fuck yea!:hello: then at the end of the night i smoke with this hot bitch that i work with and headed on home. i gotta say today was a good day........

    by the way im high as shit right now cause i just got home:smoke:
  2. yo i now get high everyday before work and im a MUCH better worker
  3. i love getting high and going to my elective classes, soo much fun.
  4. My coworker and I always cruise once around the block at work every break time. I blaze it myself at lunch too. I'll either hit up subway or a mexican food spot and get a quesadilla w/ carne asada then driving back to work i smoke a bowl or 2 and be cool. My sup knows i smoke and he tokes on occasion, dont know what i would do if i had a diffrent sup. Only thing is some of the ladys at work bug the shit outa me asking for bud and if i can score for them. I just tell em i aint got no spots since i hate dealing with drama. My coworker is mad cool though, hes a kush/dodi man like myself so we def see eye to eye, best thing is he sits in the cubicle next to mine so we just talk about random shit to make time pass. Plus we enjoy working high and our sup has no problem at all, we upsale our customers like crazy haha but help em too when needed.
  5. I've gotten stoned before work only once now (excluding the time I got stoned DURING work). Let me say, it was the best time I ever had at work.
  6. Went to work high, not stoned, it was alright, time went alot faster. But I was lazy one day and decided to smoke, they don't mix, still got my work done though. :D
  7. pot always seems stronger when your not supposed to be high...
  8. I went to high school my junior and senior year almost every day baked. The teachers would know but wouldn't care because 5-6 other kids in my first block were baked too; and also because I had the highest average in the class.

    edit: depending on the type of work, I usually get high before having to go. If it's manual labor/construction/etc. I tend to work better and have more motivation to get things done when I'm sober though.
  9. I'm not sure why, but everytime I go to work straight, I get fired, something about a bad attitude usually being the reason given. But with my special gettin' high powers, I can work forever and be happy at my job!

    And then I find myself cheating on the drug tests, to keep the job, that I do better when I'm high! Gotta love a cracked system like that!
  10. LOL, this is nothin compared to when i worked at KFC. I worked there for a about a year and the manager was on methadone for being a recovering crack addict. We used to smoke whenever we took the garbage out, and come back in and eat popcorn chicken and tacos. Well the manager became a crackhead again and would smoke the shit on whenever he could, which was alot. Then he stole 11,000 dollars from the safe and got fired. Then I got fired for selling X over the phone.
  11. i thoguth methadone was for recovering heroin addicts, not crackheads ??
  12. Well then i guess he was a heroin addict. He gave me half a methadone once. That shit is straight crazy
  13. ...qft!
  14. ya man i go to work high

    i just started a new job, im a painters prep, meaning i pretty much help the painters to where all they need to do is paint

    anyways this dude i work with got a dui for 2 beers, and doesnt have a license. so he asked if i could give him a ride to work, and i said sure

    well turns out he smokes and we blaze every morning now on the way to work, dude rolls a mean J, one handed sometimes haha

    whats really cool is he used to make music(techno) and its cool cause i wanna be a DJ and am saving up for turntables. well i got him back into the music, and he is gonna start making some again, i told him i would spin it!

    just seems like we met each other at a pretty good time
  15. Back when I was in school I blazed EVERY morning right before class, and at lunch.

    I was always blown out... but I couldn't get over how slow the time went by. Id think the hour was almost up, and only 15-20 minutes would have passed haha.

    And to the person who said weed seems so much stronger when your not supposed to be high... makes sense, kinda... it was just I was always more paranoid thinking I LOOKED more fucked up than I did.
  16. back when i used to work at jewel id smoke everytime before i had to work and during my breaks. and most likely after work too : D

    at my other job (construction) i only got high once before work...it was pretty cool at first but then when the crash came it made it a very long day. and thats only because i didnt have a lunch break or anything. so it was just continuos work and shit.
  17. Ya, Methadone is for an opiate addiction, which is usually, but not all the time, related to heroine because it is such a strong opiate, needing such a powerful treatment.

  18. i kinda work a contruction job, i hae to wear a hrad hat all day, and climb all sorts of crazy ladders and what not

    buti agree, even thought i have breaks and a lunch, gettin stoned in the morning makes for a hell of a day, but its great once 330 finally comes around and you get to go home.

    i really do like havin a job like this, and putting in a hard ass day of work.
  19. haha... you just made my day man
    i was in a shitty mood, and thats the first thing i laughed at all day
    blunt for you sir!

    couldnt agree more... i usually blaze at around 2, and work at 330... im a heavy smoker, so im usually pretty straight about an hour later... but once i walk into that office, the paranoia kicks in and i think im more stoned than i am
  20. i work at the dining commons at my school and ive gone to work a couple times while high. i only do so when i know im working jobs that dont require much thinking [ie cashier or cleaning tables] its pretty chill too cuz i get free food on break.

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