Goin Camping/hiking In The Mountains. Ideas?

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  1. So Im going with friends hiking in the mountains (forest, fields, cliffs etc) for 2 or 3 days. So we're planning on smoking up before the hike and then again around the fire at night. Btw this isnt gonna be some BS camping site with 50 people. Im talking about finding a small clearing in the forest in the mountains to set up a tent and a fire. Has anyone here done this before while high. Any ideas to make it fun.

  2. I do this a few times a year, but I always go solo now. I sometimes hike, sometimes paddle into the backcountry. I usually stick to official national/provincial/state parks.
    http://www.backcountrycamping.info/]Backcountry Camping Information[/url]
  3. Any ideas to make it fun? Just sit around the fire high, cook some delicious food (everything is good after a day of hiking), bullshit with your buds. That's the best part about hiking/camping!
    About a month ago a buddy and I did a 50km, 2 night hike and that's what we did when we weren't hiking. Explore a bit around your site. Relax. Enjoy nature.
    PS.. I don't wanna be that guy, but please be responsible with fire in the back country. You don't want to be the one who starts a forest fire.
    Have fun!
  4. Smores. When you're high, you can never have enough.
  5. I actually used this idea first time i got high. I went and found a little clearing for my 4 person tent. Then came back with my buddy after he got off work. 
    I wish i could do this every weekend :(
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    its hiking, that is the fun.
    getting there and being away from it all is the fun.
    just chilling beside a camp fire and telling stories is what its about.
    smoking is a big plus...
    but food, shelter, and fire are my priority in the woods.
    after that i can have "fun" relaxing until i wake up.
  7. Bring a lady with ya and have some bomb sex up on a mountain top , just lay a blanket down and viola.
    Hiking and being the in wild is definitely the fun. However, there are dull moments or moments where the birds are annoying you to death, in which case, portable speakers and a mp3 player might be nice to have, but not necessary.
    If you don't mind carrying some weight:
    -If anyone can play an instrument, bring it along (if it's not too big/heavy).
    -Bring a hookah and supplies (I wonder how good a wood coal would be on my hookah...).
    -Extra bud!
    If you are staying there a couple days, also bring a tarp. I'm from the Northwest, so rain is always a potential. A tarp could be used to jury rig a nice cover, or cover/wrap firewood so they don't get wet. It takes space and weight, so it is up to you and your area/projected forecast to really decide its necessity.

    Have I done it high? I haven't backpacked, just camped at campsites, but I did set up and gathered shit while high. I mean, you just set up a tent, look for firewood, start a fire (bring some liter fluid and kindling), and eat after hiking to your spot. After setting up everything, go find a sick smoke spot and enjoy the seclusion.
  9. im planning a camping trip this coming October. ,been planning it out for awhile.
  10. This. be prepared. I live in a small town and am surrounded by forest so i go camping several times a year. its one of my favorite things to do. bring your equipment, a couple good friends, beer and weed. sitting around a fire with some good company always leads to the best times! music is always a bonus but the fire crackling is good enough for me.
  11. I Got A House Fuck I Ned A Tent Fo
  12. I've read that you can make a great drink that's not too heavy for your backpack: Vodka, water, and Crystal light/MiO.

    I believe the mix was 1/3 vodka, hella MiO, and water. 

    I've yet to try this, but it significantly reduces your weight and space in your backpack.
  13. i imagine that would be very helpful. especially if you plan on hiking long distances. although i usually just tough it out and carry my beer by hand. i'm picky when it comes to camping.. i have to drink beer when sitting by a camp fire haha
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    For sure, beer is awesome! Last time I went camping, we had over 3 cases for 6 people for 2 nights. It actually did rain, so we had a good fire going for most of the time.
    Joints, beer and a campfire... Good times. Add some bean dogs and it's great livin'.  :smoke:  :yummy: 
  15. I like to do this once or twice per year. We usually stock up on granola bars and crap like that as food, but this past time my buddy marinaded a bunch of meat and stashed it in one of those big pepper jars and hiked up with it and we grilled it there on skewers. That was pretty awesome.
    About getting stoned, its nice up there, you don't even feel high cause you're out in nature and the air is so clear. We would just trip on shrooms. Nothing like being up on the ridge overlooking all the lakes and trees while tripping your ass off.
    Make sure you plan, have a compass with you if you're unfamiliar with the area, the woods are a very disorienting place. Before you even think about bringing weed make sure you have enough water. You can survive without food but will not last long without water. Whiskey can serve two purposes, one is getting you fucked up and the other is that its flammable. May end up saving your ass if it rained recently.
    Enjoy your time man.
  16. Wilderness hiking is a blast but it can be dangerous. Always keep in mind that you may be miles from a hospital and you may not have cell phone coverage where you are. Be safe and have fun!
  17. This is pretty much my favorite thing to do. Me and some friends do it all the time. First of all if you don't already have a nice hiking backpack, its a great thing to invest in. You'll be surprised at how much you can it in a nice one. Bring plenty of weed because running out is the worst feeling but save some for the morning. Beer around a campfire is always fun too. Bring some stereotypical camping food; hotdogs, marshmallows, plenty of water. Make sure you set up your campsite before it gets too dark though. It sucks trying to do all that while high in the dark. A bear once came right up to our tent when we were trying to sleep. If you have food, its a good idea to tie it up in a tree 50 feet away before you go to sleep cause animals will smell that and its a good idea to have bear mace just in case. Portable speakers are nice so you can hook up an ipod or whatever. Unless you like spiders and ants, keep your tent shut as much as possible. Its always nice to have different ways of smoking; joints/blunts, a bowl, gravity bong, etc. Bring extra lighters and keep one with you all the time. That's all I can think of right now. Have fun out there. Hopefully I'll be doing the same thing soon.
  18. enjoy the nature and relax. nothing better than some great scenery, great friends and great bud.

    enjoy your trip!

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  19. I recently went out with my co-workers for a research and development hike for my work (a hiking shop) and honestly we all brought weed, a great bonding experience it was. The only time i was worried was when i woke up stoned on the second morning and had to navigate some steep vertical at 3am. As long as you're in a group you should be fine. Just don't get too fucked. I really recommend drawing at the camp
    Other than that if you're near a beach sand feels crazy as fuck when you're high.

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