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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by sliknslim, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. can a plant that's been in bloom for 7 weeks go back to veg? It was an early bloomer, probably due to a very gloomy spring in Mi. Now that its hot and sunny, can it revert back to veg, or is it too far along? If its goin back to veg after being in bloom and having pretty nice buds, what could I do to stop it and will it go back to bloom without missing a beat? Kinda goofy situation I know but that is the story of my life. 7 plants and only 1 blooms may 23rd. the rest are still in veg and getting huge. I appreciate all your wisdom and knowledge.
  2. I’d say just harvest it. I think it would cause too much stress to go back to veg at this point
  3. I dont want it to go back, I want it to finish. is there anything I can do to insure it stays in bloom? Im afraid your probably right. another lesson learned.
  4. Maybe just let it ride out for another week and buds may get a little bigger but I wouldn’t wait too long.
  5. Are all the plants the same strain and were all planted at the same time?
  6. no, this is the only of its kind and they were all gotten as clones from the same grower and at the same time. all same age all same circumstance, different strain. 4 "the white" 1 Bruce Banner.
  7. I cover it with a trash bag at 6pm and uncover at 6am and will do like you say. leave it for a couple more days and then decide to chop it. Its got frosty white trichomes and is stickey and smelly. its about ready anyway. I wouldve liked to get a couple more weeks out of her but I didnt stop her then, why would I stop her now.

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