Goin' Back: The Very Best of Dusty Springfield, 1962-1994

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    Years back I sold my car and the 4cd set went with it ...bummer, only to find it on Ebay ugh
    yeah I know but I got it now its here, I remember her in the 1960's she was popular but
    not for me, it was when Amy Winehouse died she was a good replacement.

    Seeing this junk on Ebay I got them, put them on it was such a blast, ...its really weird
    buying physical music like in the old days, makes it very special, vendors should remember that

    Capable of bone-shaking R&B soul vocals or a smooth, pop-styled Motown sound, Dusty Springfield turned versatility into a 40-year career in which she showed time and time again that she was among the best song interpreters in pop music. This single-disc compilation covers the whole journey, from her earliest hits with the Springfields ("Silver Threads and Golden Needles") to her solo hits ("Wishin' and Hopin," "Son of a Preacher Man") and her collaboration with the Pet Shop Boys ("What Have I Done to Deserve This"). While Rhino's three-disc Anthology is still probably the best comprehensive introduction to Springfield on the market, this one has the added advantage of including three early tracks from the Springfields, as well as tracks featuring her later orchestrated adult contemporary style.

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