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Gogo pipes/dodo glass pipes??

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Andy2552, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. I've read confusing and conflicting information that dodo was a scam and Gogo is the new name of dodo glass pipes basically.. Can anyone confirm any of this? Has anyone bought (with success) from Gogo at all? Does anyone know any promo codes I could save a few bucks on my order with? :D any and all info is greatly appreciated!!
  2. i had wanted to know this as well...?

    probably just horrible quality glass
  3. I'm not sure. They seem legit. My brother bought from this site before (I font know if it was under Gogo or dodo) and it was a cheap bowl with shipping under $10. Worked great and is over a year old I think, but I was about to make over a $100 purchase and definately wanted a second opinion, or a few, on how thir services are or if they're very legitimate. I emailed them yesterday, over 24 hours ago, and still have not gotten a response.. -.-
  4. i dont think you'll get scammed but its just not great quality glass
  5. Do you have a recommendation then?
  6. as long as your not clumsy & dont spent too much money you'll be fine
  7. Don't even CONSIDER placing an order with these con artists. I fell for that back in my earlier days. They will take your money and not send shit, or if you are lucky they will just send you the completely wrong order. They have absolutely no interest in satisfying their customers and they are literally only in it to take your money. Why do you think they've changed their site name 4 fucking times?

    Don't be fooled OP. They scam people constantly and the glass they sell is the bottom of the barrel China glass. I've seen people scammed time and time again from these people. Buy from a reputable site.

  8. well said

  9. What would be a reptable site? My brothe ordered a small pipe and he got it from one of their names, pretty fast too..
  10. artfire.com has some pieces
  11. I bought a straight tube with ice pinches for a bit over 60 dollars from gogo...it was well packed and came extremely fast...i would say it arrived in 2 days...the piece itself is amazing for the price...it is thick glass and I have knocked it around the house but no breaks or chips, it is a sturdy piece...i bought an ashcatcher at a local headshop and it was an excellent addition...

    I never emailed them so I cant speak on their service but I can assure you that my piece arrived just as described and im actually looking at making another purchase soon...

  12. What option for shipping did you take?

    Is one shipping option better than another?
  13. honestly, i have no idea which one i picked...i might have gone the cheapest route because i noticed it shipped from california

  14. Isn't it Washington? And ha I picked the USPS thing for like $4 shipping two days ago. Hoping it comes tomorrow.

  15. what did you buy from there and tell me how it worked out...
  16. over a year ago when it was still called dodo, i bought an ashcatcher and it came in 3 days, well packed too....:rolleyes:
  17. Yeah that one looks pretty cool. I cant wait to get my bubbler im trying to think of a name haha.

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