Goedemorgen from Amsterdam!

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  1. Wats up guys, just found this website, seem awesome so far... :) i live in amsterdam, the pot smoking haven and i just turned 18 so i am kinda new to puffing the magic dragon (smoked about 6 times). yeah what can i say? i play the violin, love memorizing poems for some fucked up reason ;) and ofcourse.... Getting Stoned!!! Hope to learn a lot here...
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    my god you must live in heaven :eek:

    me and a few friends are off to amsterdam next march/april time and i absolutley can't wait to try some shit from abroad :D:D
  3. You bet :) and it's totally worth it :p
  4. ahh amazing :p .. i'm feeling the height of jelousy at this moment in time :D

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