Godzilla Sized Kandy Kush & Dr.Grinspoon (Pics)

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  1. Both plants are under there own thousand watts for the first 2 hours and the last hour of there 12/12. I move them out doors (weather permitting) under direct sunlight at 9am every day, and back in at 6. In 6-7 weeks they have only had to stay indoors maybe 10 days because of bad/cloudy weather. They drink 3-4 gallons each on a full sunny day. Every other feed has been the full line of Bloom: Advanced Floriculture. Some Australian company.. Conservative yield estimates would be appreciated :smoke:
    They are in 10 gallon pots and I put a 1 gallon container next to it so you can see the difference in size. If you look at the top of the Dr.GSpoon then you will see it just keeps going. They are both well over 7ft tall.. The Dr.GSpoon is going to be a BITCH to trim, but I can already tell its going to be a pleasure to smoke. I'm just as excited about the Kandy Kush...
    -Barney's Farm: Dr. Grinspoon %100 Pure Heirloom Sativa
    -Reserva Privada: Kandy Kush O.G. Kush X Train Wreck

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  2. *mouth starts to water* thats some killer crop man but do u only have 2 plants
  3. 4 more - og#18xskunk DNAgenetics, white widow Dutch Passion, Chocolope Dnagenetics, and BubbleGum SeriousSeeds- The white widow is even bigger, but the chocolope/ogskunk/bubblegum are around 5ft. My favorite is the chocolope. It has around 5 weeks left (12 week strain), and I'll post pics when its closer to harvest.
  4. oh and 1 mother GDP. I'm waiting to cut these, then I'm going to put up 6 gdp for the out door this season.
  5. Nice i got about 13 plants im looking at but there all bag seed i would love to grow some bubble next year cause i love it and i really wanna try that chocolope it looks/sounds delicouse =O. .oh well maybe next year if this season goes well
  6. Too bad you didnt get the stringy grinspoon pheno
  7. i still have 5 more seeds so hopefully i get the one that is on the website...
  8. That's fucking beautiful man. That's all I gotta say.
  9. Got an update man? I'm really curious as to your grinspoon.

  10. That is a very unusual plant, the buds are very sparse but look like they would pack a wallop. I will have to try one of these outdoors next season.

  11. I didn't post the other grinspoon i have because it is not as impresive looking. Its pheno is more like the one above, but i still believe I will recieve a pound between both of them combined.
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    hell that weather condition and your ladies are all looking nice! at least in the picture... just guesswork, the dr. 11 and kkush 9, i think that's low enough to be conservative but im not sure since i have only seen results from several gallon containers.... got to love the sun.
  13. Pic updates these have to be big?

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