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  1. One thing I thought was cool when I went and saw Godsmack/Staind was when they started up the spiral they dropped down this trippy strobelight shit, and the spiral is a wicked song in itself, and when they did that, Sully told everyone to spark up those joints he knew everyone had, and then on it was like 15minutes of the trippy shit while the badass spiral song played in a big loop, all while the place filled up with the sweet aroma of bud.

    It was great, just thought id share that with the board, heh
  2. right on, i haven't seen godsmack since ozzfest 99 (i think?)... they put on a kickass show :)
  3. I saw them in 99 when they played with Black Sabbath and Drain STH....I saw them at Hersheypark for my 16th birthday...kick ass show!
  4. I would LOVE to see godsmack play live. unfortunatly one of the true bands I love and havent been able to catch a show. hopefully with their new album coming out, Ill be able to catch a show in camden or philly :) I wish more bands would come vistit atlantic city though!!
  5. hey sensi... you should stop by these parts if you're ever near philly, lol.

    don't forget to get a philly cheesesteak while you're in the city. they're the best :D

    hmmm... oh yeah... godsmack... not very much into them (mainly due to the arrogance of the band). but they do have some good guitars.

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