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    Hey everyone. Just posting this up because I made it for Crutch's thread and thought it would be a good idea to make it a thread so everybody can see it. I think it will definitely help those of you who want to use CFL's for your next grow. I know it would have helped me a week ago when I was at Fred Meyer..

    If this info is somewhere else on the site, go ahead and ignore it.

    Please open Kamel's CFL Guide in a separate window and scroll down to posts #13 and #14 if you want to see the comparison between different color spectrum's. A link to his thread is in a quote box below.

    +/- means give or take... which basically means it could be a few hundred kelvin more or less. For example, Daylight could be 6500k or 6400k; Warm White could be 2700k or 2750k; etc...

    Also, if you don't care about the light's uses, just scroll down below the links and there will be another quote with just the light names spectrum's.

    Warm White/Soft White = 2700K +/-

    Puts out the optimal color temperature for a flowering plant. Look for Warm White, Soft White, or 2700k when you are shopping for bulbs.

    Halogen White = 3000K +/-

    Can be used for flowering and is close to 2700k. A lot of "Grow Bulbs" I've seen on various web sites have this color temperature. I've also seen 3000k bulbs be called Warm White or Soft White, so it's in the same range. If you can't find 2700k, 3000k will work fine.

    Bright White/Medium White = 3500k +/-

    Still on the warm side, and can be used for flowering. Couldn't find much info on these, and don't really see them around much, so I don't know much about them.

    Cool White = 4100K +/-

    I'm not really sure how effective Cool White would be in any stage of a plants growth, but it is closer to 2700k than to 6500k, so if 4100k is the closest you can find to 2700k.... just order online. :D Seriously, don't get Cool White. The majority of lights I see on shelves are Cool White, and it's incredibly frustrating...

    Daylight/Full Spectrum = 5000K +/-

    I have seen people use these for veg, but they obviously wouldn't be as effective as 6500k. I've seen these be called Daylight as well as Full Spectrum, so be careful you don't get a Daylight bulb thinking it's 6500k only to find out it was 5000k after you've screwed it in. You still get a blueish color out of both, but 6500k is more effective, because it has a cooler temperature.

    Daylight = 6500K +/-

    Puts out the optimal color temperature for a plant's vegetation stage. Look for Daylight when shopping for bulbs, but be careful, because sometimes they could be 5000k lights in disguise! Vice versa I guess.. Daylight generally means 5000k-6500k, but REAL Daylight is 6500k.

    Note: Usually the color spectrum is hidden in tiny letters on the back of the box. It's not too hard to find, but people tend to let their minds get lazy, and forget to read EVERYTHING on the box... and sometimes forget that the box has a back side.

    I know I didn't need to post descriptions, but I want to make sure there are no questions like, "Would a Cool White bulb be okay for veg.?" I'm pretty sure that any spectrum can be used for any stage of the plants growth, but it's a waste of money to get a Halogen White bulb for your plants vegetative stage...

    I hope this has helped some people, and I think it would be a good idea to sticky, because people (like me!) who don't get their lights online probably have a hard time at the store looking at all the names instead of numbers. I had to drive home and do 10 minutes of Google searches before I could go back to the store and get my lights. :( Sad, I know, but at least I got them.

    If there's any wrong info in here, please correct me so I can change it... I'm pretty sure everything is accurate.

    p.s. If you liked this, please say so, because it took me a while to gather the info and put this together. I hate getting views and no feedback.

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